Is there really a speaker for thousands of miles? SONOS PLAY 1 TRIAL FEELING

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To declare, the article mainly talks about personal feelings about wireless speakers, PLAY1 is just a tidbit, ranking the lowest price of SONOS, and it is of little significance to discuss the effect.

SONOS China’s behavior is very strange, the previous generation of PLAY3/5 has been on the market for a long time, and has been clamoring to introduce PLAY1, just listen to the sound of the stairs, and no one comes down. On April 14, suddenly with the launch of the second-generation PLAY5, a trial of PLAY 1 was launched in Jack Ma’s house, so try it.

I have been paying attention to WIFI speakers for a while, and I understand SONOS or Weibo marketing from Taiwanese chicken soup + success master Kai-Fu Lee. At that time, the performance of the product was against the sky, which was very admirable. According to stupid total, if wireless speakers are based on Bluetooth, infrared, it is also stupid can, wireless routers are sparse, high-definition videos can run, running the so-called high-fidelity music should be light floating. , but two years ago, only Laomei commercialized this idea on the market, and countless subversives of technology channels jumped up and down in the past two years, and there are not many who can impress everyone, which shows that the threshold for WIFI audio transmission is still high enough.

The year before last year’s Double 11, SONOS discounted 500 yuan, so I took the next generation PLAY5, used it for more than a year, and talked about my feelings:

play5_ Taobao search

Advantages: 1, WIFI is convenient enough, when buying, just in time for PLAY5 to update the firmware, can be directly connected to the wireless router to use, before to match the dedicated wireless relay, the truth is understood, self-built private network to ensure that the sound quality is not affected by the network load, but consumers will be very disgusting, with hardware not to say, put the home router does not use, must drag a tail, look not refreshing. After a year, wireless wires have been used, and the wireless signal is unstable, and only when the router relay is used to crack the weak wireless signal of the neighbor’s house (yes, it is so loves to study). Therefore, wireless transmission is excellent.

2, use, whether it is iPad, iPhone, Windows client has been used, indeed convenient enough, in a local area network to spread joyful songs, no priority, who owes who comes.

3, the sound effect, better than the desktop 2.1 speaker, but look at the top desktop 2.0 box on e-commerce 1000 yuan price, some heartache. The cost of this ease of operation is also too high, who makes the scorpion – the only one.

4, the Chinese personnel of SONOS are very attentive, in the promotion of cooperation with domestic online music suppliers quickly moved, basically you can think of the strength of the company, have signed a contract, currently habitually use NetEase Cloud, shrimp and Douban.

5. The search function is relatively powerful, you can search all the suppliers added (can not be searched centrally, to come one by one, specify the destination, small regrets), turn over the bottom, who is strong at a glance.

6. You can call the files on the LAN, NAS or Xiaomi router, but this practicality is not large, and the online one is too convenient.

7, the developers of SONOS are very ahead, it is estimated that the combination of wireless speakers is exhausted, different rooms play different music, the same room is paired to form stereo, surround sound, this has not had a chance to try, hehe.

8. The speaker is characterized by playing the designated audio source on the Internet by itself, and there is no Bluetooth speaker playback end mobile phone left, and it has to be troubled again.


1. Add domestic music suppliers, come one by one, if you don’t have an account before, you have to reapply. If you have an account, you need to fill in the account online to log in. If it is a mobile phone or PAD client, it will be more perverted and hard, and the screen is too handy. AT THIS TIME, YOU WILL FEEL THAT THE INTERFACE OF WINDOWS IS COMING QUICKLY. Once these accounts are entered and added, they should be stored on the speaker, and replacing broadband access or adding clients will find that they are all readily available (I don’t remember exactly). Adding this one by one is the biggest failure, SONOS company is still not strong enough, in front of the major music online companies, it is still a foreign daughter-in-law, and the use feeling is more divided.

2. The acoustics are average, not the kind of surprise that is startled, of course, the price is placed there.

3. The client does not have the friendliness of the music supplier, for example, there is no lyrics displayed during the playback process, and the users who are accustomed to using various APPS will be more awkward, and it is estimated that there is still a problem with the open interface and permissions.

4, SONOS is doing the platform, Tencent is also unambiguous, engaged in a Qplay, wireless control of all kinds of audio that meets the standard, in 2012 did half a day, is also half dead. The heavens used WeChat to save Ma Huateng once, and his good luck was like this, except for SONOS, other big-name audios were on the sidelines.

5, are so expensive, adding a Bluetooth module can die, the Yankees can’t figure it out.

Talk about the imagination and expectations of WIFI audio:

1. The non-directionality of the sound, the volume can be put down. The pattern of home or office is strange, and achieving omnidirectional is the way forward. The second generation of SONOS has developed the function of adjusting the system according to the ambient sound, and after the upgrade of the first-generation PLAY5 firmware, you can also use PAD’s MIC for sampling and analysis, and the specific effect has been tried several times, but the effect has not been heard. The visit height of the first-generation PLAY5 should be level with the listener’s ear, and the position will be different.

2. Back to the title, to spread the sound for thousands of miles. It is to whisper clearly into the ear, not to pull the listener’s ear and shout. The listening environment at home and in the office is very bad, and this requirement is also a requirement for smart speakers, just the intelligence of WIFI transmission, which is already below the passing line. It is said that many consumers listen to Bose’s Bluetooth speakers for the first time and are surprised by the effect of such a small size. What consumers need is this amazing, and the penetration brought by turning on the volume and increasing the sound pressure alone is of little significance. Bose’s Bluetooth has never been heard, just to give an example.

3. Online music companies are fiercely competitive, and they are attacking the city to seize market share, so it is a good thing for hardware manufacturers, and they can still make money by seizing the commanding heights of hardware. However, domestic manufacturers have fallen silent after a loud announcement, and there has been no explosion so far. After buying PLAY5, I have been worried (expecting) that domestic manufacturers will make products with the same effect at 1/3 price, but the product effect is unsatisfactory, it is estimated that there are not many manufacturers who are excellent in network and acoustics, and they are partial students. TP-LINK’s products are unknown, and the self-taught man Zeng Dejun, who is engaged in solid wood radios, will also release products in April and May, is Rambler ready to work for Alibaba Cloud System?

4, Qualcomm ALLPLAY, Samsung shape and other chip manufacturers are also engaged in the public version of WIFI music transmission, which is a good thing for small and medium-sized manufacturers, the transmission is handed over to the big brother to do, their own efforts in the timbre, do some characteristic products.

5, Google’s Google Chromecast Audio is a very NB product, as a transitional product is inexpensive, but the Celestial Empire still needs to protect, so you know. Personally, I think this is the most worthy transition product at present. Sparse Baidu, sparse.


Compact packaging and complete accessories,

The accessories are the network cable and the power cord

The hook hole on the back is ready to prepare for the future wrap-around box

The bottom is the power cord entrance, the network cable interface is of little significance for transmitting audio files, and retaining a network cable interface does not increase the cost much. Because it is not excluded that there are consumers who have network cable interfaces all over their homes, they are willing to use notebooks to cut songs.

LIMITED BY THE VOLUME, THE DEGREE OF SHOCK AND THE GENERATION OF PLAY5 IS STILL INCOMPARABLE, HOW TO SET UP THE PLAY5 AT HOME HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN, SO THIS TIME START OVER, ADD IT WITH A MOBILE PHONE CLIENT, AND FOLLOW THE OPERATION STEP BY STEP. The first time you set up, you need to use a network cable to connect to the router, and then move the speaker elsewhere after connecting, which cannot be fully wireless operation, which is a small regret.

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