High-end swimsuits, it must be like this

With the arrival of summer, it’s time for the annual seaside vacation to dry your swimsuit. There are even celebrity supermodels who are “bold in art” and do not forget to wear swimsuits to show superior proportions in street shoots.

If you want to stand out on the cool beach and win the Circle of Friends holiday contest, a swimsuit that wins big is essential.

But! For most girls in real life,

A swimsuit is simply a 100% revealing existence.

No matter how thin and beautiful a person is in the mouth of a friend, there is more or less dissatisfaction with his body in his heart.

Arms too thick? Meat on the waist? Not upturned in the ass enough? Legs not long enough? No matter what worries you have about your figure, ELLEfit can arrange it for you today –

A perfect swimsuit to lose 10 pounds in minutes!

Cover the milk and worship the meat

Desirable: Ruffles, long sleeves

Don’t: bandeau, small suspenders, halter neck

Secondary milk and worship meat can be said to be the eternal “enemy” of girls, and no matter how fat or thin, even if it is only 80 pounds like a big power, it still can’t escape the trouble of sac meat. So the simplest solution is

Directly choose a swimsuit with sleeves

, especially long-sleeved diving models,

Sun protection and meat covering.

If you dislike long sleeves that are uncomfortable or too conservative,

Short sleeves

It is also a good choice. However, there are relatively few short-sleeved swimsuits at present, and pay attention to the best position above the elbow.

Getting stuck in the middle of the upper arm can be counterproductive.


Use decorative elements such as shoulder ruffles and lace sleeves to cover the thickest part of the breast and arms,

Create a looming cooling sensation.


Avoid bandeau, low-cut thin straps and halter neck styles,

If you are not careful, it is easy to strangle the meat more obviously.

ELLEfit’s pick

Solid & Striped


Free People

Should you choose flat chest or big breast?

Flat-chested: ruffles, straps, three-dimensional flowers

Big bust: high neckline, wide shoulder straps

As the saying goes, flat-breasted envy the fullness and sexiness of big breasts, and big-breasted envy flat-breasted high-class fashionability. Although the words are a joke, when it comes to choosing a swimsuit, except for those who are loyal to themselves,

Both flat and large breasts are troublesome.

If you don’t want your chest to look too flat, you can choose a style with decoration on your chest, such as

Elements such as ruffles, bandages and three-dimensional flowers,

Improves the three-dimensional sense of the body.



Although the editor has no experience, according to the feedback of big-breasted girls, big-breasted swimsuits are afraid of being too conspicuous and exposed. Similar to sports bra, big-breasted girls can also wear swimsuits

Choose a style with a high neckline, wide shoulder straps, and other styles that are wrapped and supported well.

All Sisters


Bye bye, donuts

Suitable: split high waist, ruffles

Taboo: bikini, openwork

Every time I go to the pool, I always hold my breath, because my little belly will be exposed as soon as I spit it out. High body fat is not good, eating too much is not okay, even drinking two more sips of water will be abrupt in the lower abdomen. If you can’t practice the vest line for the time being, you can only rely on covering.

According to the routine, it is natural to choose

Styles with a pleated design or ruffles at the waist,

Visually hiding meat works best. Especially if there is a full circle of lace, the front side is not easy to expose.

In addition, many people worry that split swimsuits will strangle meat, actually

High-waisted swim trunks of the right size can wrap the flesh,

It is a bit similar to the function of a waistband, but it also lengthens the leg line by the way.

She Made Me

Daze Dazy

Ten girls eight pears

Suitable: Flat corners, short skirt, shallow top and deep bottom

Don’t: high slit, bikini

Asian girls generally have a pear-shaped body, in fact, slightly pear-shaped because the waist and hips are better than good.

But if there are problems with flat buttocks and thick thighs, there is an option

Skirt trim

of styles. But actually

The skirt will increase the resistance in the water, and it is good to be responsible for beauty.

Other than that

Boxer swim trunks

The design can also block some of the excess meat, but you may have to sacrifice the need to show leg length.

In addition, chromatic aberration can be used to divert the gaze.

Matching of light and dark tops or solid colors of top prints and bottoms,

can reduce the focus on the lower body.

Norma Kamali

If it is the leg line looks good, but

The lower body proportions are relatively short

, just the opposite of the above, you can choose

High slit

The style of the style, elongating the visual effect of the legs.


Red Carter

A slightly fat girl whose whole body is harmonious

Suitable: A one-piece swimsuit with a cinched waist

If you feel that you belong to a body with high body fat, but the whole body is evenly arranged, the editor has only one suggestion, that is

A one-piece swimsuit with a nipped-in waist.

The classic style, simple and generous shape, can enhance the overall texture.

adidas by Stella McCartney

In fact, whether you go to the pool for sports or a vacation by the sea, the most important thing is to choose the right style to create a relaxed and pleasant mood. So this summer, have you chosen your awesome swimsuit?

Written by: Fur Pi

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ELLEfit’s pick

ELLEfit’s pick

ELLEfit’s pick

Solid & Striped


Free People

Free People



Daze Dazy

Norma Kamali

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