The “beautiful” faucet filter of the 10,000-person group is only 39 yuan, and the mysterious laundry detergent is nearly 5 pounds and less than 30 yuan… | Today’s wool

During the “May Five-Year Shopping Festival”, there are countless flash sales activities on major e-commerce platforms in Shanghai.

Thoughtful Jun has sorted out some of the recently opened promotional activities, let’s take a look at what they are.


Pinduoduo will open the “Midea” brand group from 39 yuan from tomorrow, of which the very practical Midea household water purifier faucet filter original price of 89 yuan, tomorrow as low as 39 yuan!

Midea’s 4L Huangjing inner rice cooker originally cost 219 yuan, and tomorrow it will be as low as 129 yuan, which is very cost-effective.

Among daily necessities, the original price of Ferrero gift box is 30.9 yuan a box, and tomorrow it will be 9.9 yuan a box.

The original price of 6 Wufangzhai rice dumplings is 128 yuan, and the price will be 26.9 yuan tomorrow, limited to 500 pieces.

The original price of the bamboo mattress that needs to be used in summer is 198 yuan per bed, and it will be as low as 35.41 yuan per bed tomorrow.

Aomiao sterilization and mite removal laundry detergent 4 kilograms plus 480 grams fast 5 pounds, the subsidized price adds up to 29.9 yuan, and the limited edition of 2,000 pieces will be opened tomorrow.

Suning shop

Buy vegetables at Suning Vegetable Market with 10% invincible coupon.

Mondelēz series of casual snacks folded up to 5.

Suning has the May Day Hi Buy Fan Festival, the explosive fan is as low as 7 folds, the original price of 224 Gree electric fan is now only 147, the original price of 229 Midea electric fan is now 159, the original price of 269 Emmet’s anti-pinch baby finger bladeless electric fan tower fan is now priced at 159.

For life services, there are 10 yuan life help service coupons, 10 yuan air conditioning cleaning coupons, and 5 yuan refrigerator cleaning coupons can be collected.


Now you can buy car testing, maintenance, cleaning and other service services online, enjoy offline, and you can get 30 yuan off 30 car supplies, 49 minus 49 for testing services, and 79 yuan off 70 yuan coupons for car sterilization and disinfection.

OPPLE Lighting’s bath bomb air heating integrated ceiling can enjoy a cash service of 50 yuan for every 300 yuan. Oaks air conditioner full 1399 minus 100. Some self-operated mobile phone accessories of mobile phones are 3030 minus 3000 (daily limit), and some self-operated mobile phone accessories are full of 2880 minus 300, full 1880 minus 200, full 880 minus 100 can be collected in time.


Recently, the mobile end of the Dianping APP can snap up discount coupons in some business districts, and some of the discounts are very large.

For example, Fengshengli added 100 groups of 200 “gluttonous crazy discount coupons” this week. The speed of the rush is very fast.

Many merchants in Mersing participated.

It doesn’t matter if this wave is over, Fengshengli launches group purchase coupons on the Dianping mobile app from time to time every week, which lasts until May 17.

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