Yellow and black rubber bumper strip

Also known as corner protection rubber strip, anti-collision corner protective strip, rubber corner protection, reflective corner protection, corner protection, anti-collision strip, anti-collision block, anti-collision glue and corner protective glue. In any case, the material is rubber. The products are all yellow and black rectangular rubber strips. Guangdong Zhongxiang can also order other rubber anti-collision strips, welcome to inquire. This yellow-and-black rubber bumper product is typically installed in concrete columns in underground garages, corners, and parking lots to warn drivers to slow down while driving or cornering, and to prevent vehicles from scratching or colliding.

The yellow and black rubber bumper strip is molded from the rubber as a whole by high-temperature steam vulcanization. It combines the toughness of rubber. The rubber body has moderate hardness, wear resistance and high elasticity, which can effectively protect vehicles and buildings. Equipped with eye-catching yellow and black reflective warning films to enhance daytime visibility, embedded with high-brightness yellow reflective materials to attract driver attention and improve safety in low light or at night.

Yellow and black rubber bumper strips are suitable for parking lots, residential areas, toll passages, underground parking lots, factory workshops, loading docks, gas stations, both sides of home garage doors, etc., to issue warnings. Driving safety of the driver. Installed on columns, corners and rear walls of parking lots. The installation position is 20 cm from the ground at a distance of the lower edge of the rubber protective wall.

Characteristics of yellow and black rubber bumper strips

1. Rubber compression, wear-resistant, elastic, can protect corners, walls and cars from damage;

2. Bright colors make the parking lot neat;

3. Embed high-brightness yellow reflective material, black and white, eye-catching warning;

4. Easy to install, strong and durable.

Yellow and black

Rubber bumper strips

The installation method should be embedded in the corner of the parking lot partition wall and columns. The installer simply uses an impact drill to drill a hole in the wall and fix it with an expansion gong to use.

Yellow and black rubber bumper strip

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