A bear child can be easily taken care of with one swimming lesson

Do you remember the online video of a 16-month-old baby girl swimming face down, turning over to ventilate when she was tired, and swimming through a swimming pool in one go? Did Yuki be cute by that cute baby? In fact, this is all the result of professional training, and this training has a tall name –

Water education

, more precisely, water education early education, to put it bluntly, is to carry out early education for infants and young children in the water environment.

But don’t think that this is just a simple swimming or a simple early education process Oh, it must be in the water, with water as the medium, according to the baby’s innate hydrophilic scientific activities, according to the infant’s critical period ability development to design the course. In Yunnan, Aiyou Baby Parent-child Water Education Club

(I swim Baby)

can help you complete such a course.

The Aqua Baby Parent-Child Water Club opened in mid-July this year, although it is only in operation

In just over two months

, but after a lot of preparation in the early stage, the courses have been in full swing since the opening, and the friends in Kunming no longer have to lick the screen of foreign small north noses.

As the first parent-child water education club in Yunnan

Blue and white colors with round arches, coconut trees, white sand beaches and great white sharks that inadvertently swim overhead, make people feel like they are in a blue ocean, full of Mediterranean style to rush to the face, everything is so fresh and natural, not lost childlike, but also elegant, full of affinity.


Mermaid Book House, Octopus Food House, Bubble House, Dwarf House, Little Seahorse Theater

and other theme experience areas highlight the designer’s good intentions!

Even in this open space you can

Stroll through the small garden

, or stop-and-go, or enjoy the breeze, or wander the sea of books, in short, every second breathes the fresh air of nature.

It is said that this venue is

Li Yongjia, founder of iYou Baby

It took nearly two years to find it, and she had seen many places before in pursuit of perfection and was not satisfied, just because she couldn’t create what she wanted to give her children, and when she saw the current venue of Aiyou Baby, her intuition told her that this was it.

Although the ideal paradise that had been in her mind countless times encountered difficulties in construction, because there were many functional areas in the design draft, which would pull the cost to a high level, and even many people suggested that she remove two or three functional areas, she still stubbornly stuck to her original dream, and what she wanted was actually very simple

Keep your baby away from the air-conditioned room, away from the neck ring, and return the baby to the most natural state to learn.

And parents can also spend a whole day here comfortably; In addition to accompanying their children to water classes, they can also read books, watch movies or interact with professional instructors here.

In fact, there is a secret base hidden in Aiyou –

Purification equipment area for swimming pool

。 These big guys who occupy a quarter of the area of the Aiyou Club are from Germany, called Ankang copper and silver ion physical purification and disinfection water treatment equipment, the water treated by it meets the standard of drinking water, and there is almost zero damage to the baby’s skin, the price is of course a huge cost, but Li Yongjia willingly bought it.

Since its opening

, Many parents and investors have indicated their intention to join Li Yongjia, but she has never agreed to the almost harsh education of infants and young children, and she would rather not join for the purpose of education.

“If the purpose of learning is too much, babies will lose the starting point that they need to have fun and enjoy in childhood”,

This is a sentence that Li Yongjia often hangs on his lips, and it is precisely this attitude that determines that the water education course of Aiyou Baby cannot be a simple parent-child swimming, but the implementation of education in the process of parent-child swimming, so when teaching, well-trained coaches will pay special attention to the baby’s emotions, the baby’s feelings, and adjust the teaching method in time for the baby’s reflection.

Parents can

Book a Baby Water Education Experience Class

When booking a course, the experienced coach of iYou Baby will have an in-depth communication with parents for about half an hour, and the coach will give parents a psychological preparation class for the first time, mainly guiding parents how to do a good job of psychological preparation for parents and babies, in addition, through communication with parents, the coach can effectively grasp the baby’s previous emotional situation, see the reaction of strangers, etc., so that the coaches can know

According to the baby’s wishes and psychological condition, a set of scientific, one-on-one lessons are tailored for parents and children.

And the experience class of Love Baby Baby

There are strict processes

。 In the 15 minutes before the start of the class, parents need to go into the water in advance, under the guidance of the instructor with many years of diving experience, professional and systematic learning, especially for the situation and treatment of the baby after entering the water, the coach will explain more carefully, worried parents through these 15 minutes of learning, can easily get the skills needed to accompany the baby to class, as well as the skills to help the baby quickly enter the state, these skills must ensure that the baby into the water is safe and interesting.

In daily life, the father cannot take care of the child for various reasons, the child lacks the opportunity to be alone with the father, and the problem of Love You Baby has also been greatly improved.

It is said that in the underwater course of Love Baby Baby, the father’s participation reaches 70%-80%.

In the water, the baby and the father have close physical contact, the father’s full attention to the reflection makes the baby feel love, confidence, important, aware and competent for their own ability, and eager self-motivation to exercise themselves, more importantly, in the water breeding environment, more water as a carrier, the baby’s excitement, interest, happiness will be doubled than on the shore, when he is in a good mood to establish a more benign social network, which is of great significance to the baby’s personality formation.

If you still have a lot of fun with this class, it doesn’t matter, you can learn more in iYou Baby. Li Yongjia, who has 12 years of experience in infant and toddler education, is willing to share her education experience and the growth experience of her 8-year-old son with you.

For example, babies like to grab remote controls, mobile phones, and iPads at home, and Teacher Li will tell you that babies are born

Curiosity, exploration and curiosity

, Babies think that there are many secrets hidden in the remote control, mobile phone, and iPad, so they should find out; On the other hand, because of the baby’s imitation psychology, he sees adults playing with mobile phones, playing iPad he also has to learn to play, if there is a grandfather at home to read the newspaper, he will also imitate to read, which is also the most direct manifestation of parents’ influence on children, adults do not deprive the baby of the ability to detect, let alone deprive him of the ability to fine movements, should understand his behavior, and even deliberately let him do some beneficial imitation behavior.

For example, if it rains today, the baby has to wear a short sleeve or thin skirt, what should the mother do? Teacher Li will support:

Take two pieces of clothing suitable for rainy days at the same time and let your baby choose

At this time, the baby has a feeling of being respected, he is not asked, so he will choose any piece of clothing in his mother’s hand and change the one on his body, this result is that the mother is what the mother wants, and it is in a benign and controllable range.

As an educator, Li Yongjia always puts the baby’s emotional and mental health first, she said: “

Although there are all kinds of things to deal with now, I will still stay in the water, stay underwater to understand what the baby needs, to discover what the mother desires, to understand how much the coaches need you to improve


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