Wedding Raiders | The bridesmaid dress is chosen in this way, it looks good and does not steal the limelight

Bridesmaids are essential in weddings, and there are many kinds of bridesmaid dresses, which must be simple and elegant, but also complement the bride’s dress and not steal the bride’s limelight.

So how to choose a bridesmaid dress to match appropriately? Coco today shares the elements of choosing a bridesmaid dress to see which one suits you~


Bridesmaid dress color

The choice of color must be “safe”

Do not choose highly saturated colors

Colors that are too bright for most people to control

And it will be the focus of everyone’s attention

It will steal the bride’s limelight

Matte, Morandi

It’s all more versatile

All can be combined with a variety of wedding styles without stress

It is recommended that the color of the bridesmaid dress be lighter than the color of the bridal dress. Big red and black are best not to choose. Or you can match the wedding theme to choose the color of the bridesmaid dress, which can be unified with the wedding style. Use more monochrome, there are other colors also used to embellish, the color on the body should not be too much, it is not solemn enough.

✿ Pink bridesmaid dress is sweet and romantic! But choose a quiet and elegant pink dress.

✿ Green and blue are elegant and clean, low-key but also lively.

✿ The gray bridesmaid dress is stable and generous, simple and beautiful.

✿ Beige color is fresh and elegant.

✿ Champagne color is noble and elegant.


Bridesmaid dress style

The length of the bridesmaid dress should not be too short, but it should not mop the floor

Above the ankle and below the knee is just right

It’s both elegant and a little cute

Choose a style that is simpler than a bridal dress

The choice is still relatively free

Simple and generous

A casual dress is more suitable

Each bridesmaid has a different height, different body shape, and different personality, so the suitable style is also different, and different bridesmaid dress styles can be selected.

Bridesmaids with a little flesh can choose a style with sleeves or shoulders, and butterfly sleeves that cover their arms are also good. Slimmer bridesmaids can try suspenders or bandeaus. The bandeau dress can be worn with some bright colors or beaded pieces.


Bridesmaid dress material

Bridesmaid dresses of different materials

The feeling of wearing it on the body is also very different

It is best not to choose too thin and light

Or a more close-fitting fabric

★ Tulle model: full of fairy air, very soft

★ Satin model: full of texture, simple and generous


Wedding style

The choice of bridesmaid dresses is also best suited to the wedding style

and the whole wedding in harmony

It can also enhance a great aesthetic feeling

Small fresh style wedding

The standard for small fresh style weddings is a light-colored bridesmaid dress, a light gauze half-length skirt fluttering in the wind, and the most beautiful bridesmaid group is appropriate~

Chinese Wedding

In the past two years, many couples have also preferred new Chinese weddings, and the wedding scene decorated with Chinese details is full of book fragrance and ink rhyme. The bridesmaid dress can choose a medium-length light-colored cheongsam, or you can choose the school uniform of female students in the Republic of China, and the film is also super beautiful


Bridesmaid accessories

Bridesmaids must know their role for the day

Be elegant and generous

Nor can it steal the bride’s limelight

Don’t wear it with grand or lavish headwear jewelry

Some simple and small hair accessories will suffice;

Makeup is preferably light

Just look healthy and rosy;

The eye-catching cannot exceed that of the bride

On the wedding day, the bridesmaids are almost always by the couple’s side, no matter what the link, the bridesmaids’ every move is in the eyes of the guests. Therefore, the choice of bridesmaid clothes is also very important, whether it is style, material, or color, you must choose and match carefully. It is best to try the bridesmaid dress before the wedding, it is more appropriate.

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