“Xiao Zhan’s girlfriend” Zhou Yutong wears his own designed AJ “high-gloss shoes”, which triggers a new trend

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Everyone may not be very familiar with the name Zhou Yutong, but since the broadcast of “Da Song Youth”, her popularity has skyrocketed, plus her relationship with Xiao Zhan is very good, with the name of “Xiao Zhan’s girlfriend”, and now it is very popular!

Zhou Yutong’s reputation in the fashion circle is also very large, and her good clothes are highly recognized. However, she can not only match high-end outfits, but also design her own shoes.

For example, recently, Zhou Yutong did not want to wear AJ shoes with others, so he designed his own “high-gloss model”, but he did not expect to trigger a new trend.

Zhou Yutong wore a pair of black trousers that day, which set off her tall figure. But the shoes on the feet are the highlight.

The shoes she wears on her feet belong to the AJ style that has been popular in recent years, but they are different from ordinary AJ shoes. With a white band in the middle, it feels like a “highlight” coating. So it is called AJ “high-gloss”.

The little sister is definitely a “treasure girl”, too good at design, and with her outfit, it has caused a new trend.

In fact, if you want to highlight your own dressing style, it is very important to match the shoes, and different styles will have different styles when worn.

Zhou Yutong likes to make a fuss on shoes very much, and it can be seen from her usual dynamics that she especially likes shoes and always finds ways to design her own shoes. Let the shoes that were not so fashionable look very fashionable after their own design.

For example, this pair of graffiti shoes, in fact, before graffiti, this is just an ordinary pair of small white shoes. But after Zhou Yutong’s processing, the shoes became more artistic.

And the color on it is not scribbled, the use is just right, very artistic. Shang Ming also matches the flowers of small daisies, with a touch of cuteness, very girly.

In addition to AJ shoes and small white shoes, Zhou Yutong also tried Chanel’s “muffin shoes”, which is a different style. Zhou Yutong’s sense of fashion is very strong, although she always wears some very ordinary clothes, but she shows a high-end style.

For example, she is wearing a blue lamb suit on her upper body and a pair of slacks on her lower body, which looks very simple.

Zhou Yutong for this simple outfit, with a pair of Chanel’s “muffin shoes”, the sole is very thick, worthy of being called “muffin shoes”, really like muffin cakes.

The thick “muffin shoes” perfectly define Zhou Yutong’s leg line, even if he wears slacks, his legs look very slender.

In the street photography look, many people will choose different shoes, which is the biggest highlight, Zhou Yutong also followed the trend and came with a pair of shoes of different colors.

An orange shoe, a green shoe, which one do you think looks better? Maybe many netizens think that two different shoes will not feel visually messy?

In fact, otherwise, this will produce a sense of luxury, feeling luxurious and connotative.

In order to match this pair of shoes, Zhou Yutong chose a simple denim jacket with a gray sweater underneath, and the same gray slacks, which is very high-end.

The dress skirt with “motorcycle boots”, just ask you if you are bold? I’m afraid only Zhou Yutong dares to wear it like this, the sexy red long dress with cool black Martin boots, although it sounds so unmatched, but worn on Zhou Yutong’s body, it is so high-class and harmonious, and elegant.

Black Martin boots are a very dazzling fashion item, and the big red dress skirt is very trendy. And Martin boots also play a role in modifying the leg line, which is very aura.

Although black and red are very versatile in fashion elements, the combination of the two colors forms a very strong contrast, and the visual contrast is very bright.

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