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Qingbao was about to go to kindergarten, and the old mother was happy and nervous, and began to be included in the kindergarten list early.

If nothing else, you should have two more pairs of shoes. Indoor shoes are good to say, light heels can be,

The requirements for outdoor shoes are relatively high –

1. Be sure to breathe, the amount of outdoor exercise in the kindergarten is relatively large, and the little sweaty feet are terrible;

2. It should also be lightweight, which is convenient for the little monkeys to run, jump and jump;

3. Anti-slip is more necessary to prevent slippage in activity areas such as sand pools and toilets.

After choosing for a long time, I really found a lot of “treasure” children’s shoes, and bought two pairs for Qingbao, both in quality and comfort. Thinking that a large number of babies will enter the kindergarten soon in September, let’s simply arrange a “children’s shoe second sale” special session~

This event has not only summer sandals, but also mesh shoes worn in spring and autumn; There are outdoor shoes for wearing after entering the park, as well as toddler shoes for small children.

They are all brands with excellent design and quality online, and you can’t go wrong with your eyes closed.

The key is that the price of this event is quite exciting, and the price of dozens of dollars to buy a pair of comfortable and healthy shoes for children is really worth it~

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Kick-proof sandals for children

Full of security and full of elasticity

September is still autumn tiger, sandals must be prepared. Many sandals, especially baby girls, are beautiful, but I am

Don’t dare to buy it for Qingbao easily, without him, just because of showing his toes.

I have seen a baby accidentally fall while running, his little foot hits a stone, and the thumb nail of the entire toe is turned upside down. The shocking scene made me hold down Qingbao’s love for beauty, at this age of jumping up and down like a monkey, wearing shoes is still safety first.

The Liangxiaoji children’s sandals I chose for Qingbao are the anti-kick model of the toe,

The toe cap and sole of the upper bag are molded in one piece, not only the thumb is tightly protected, but the other toes also find safe shelter.

Even if you accidentally kick a hard object such as a table leg or a small stone,

The thick and soft toe absorbs shocks and protects toes and nails from injury

。 And the front head and the back heel, whether indoor or outdoor, the babies can boldly explore and play wantonly, and the old mother just puts her heart in her stomach~

Babies aged three or four are active and sweaty feet.

These sandals have a fabric top and cutouts on the inside and outside of the toes and feet, so they absorb sweat and breathe, so you won’t get stuffy.

And compared to leather, microfiber and other materials,

The fabric material is less squeamish and easier to care for and clean.

What made me decide to buy this shoe is, it really is

Designed for kids running and jumping – soft bends in the first 1/3

, can not only protect the arch of the child’s foot in the stage of development, but also guide the child to develop the correct walking posture.

Of course, the softness of the sole visible to the naked eye is inseparable from the material. This shoe’s

The sole is made of a combination of mid-layer EVA + outer rubber,

It not only takes into account the lightness of EVA, so that the sole is soft and cushioned, disperses the vertical pressure on the arch of the foot, but also plays a good role in the anti-slip and wear-resistant rubber of rubber, which is really wonderful!

The collar is a velcro design, and the probability of sticking to the heel is basically zero, and all kinds of running and jumping are not afraid. It is also convenient for children to put on and take off by themselves, which is very friendly to babies who have just entered the kindergarten, after all, they can’t tie their shoes, and the teacher can’t take care of every child when he’s busy.

This shoe is also very good in our mall, the daily price is 99 yuan, today to everyone to get it

The second sale price is only 69 yuan, and the stock is only 1000.

Size 25~30, suitable for big babies with feet length 14.2~18.8 cm.

Toddler sandals

Soy fiber protects the inside of the feet

The sandals of the big baby are there, and the little baby’s must also be arranged~

Babies at 9 months of age have already begun to practice standing, and a pair of scientific, comfortable toddler shoes is very conducive to babies learning to walk.

The sandals recommended to you today are very suitable for toddlers, let’s take a look at them one by one:

▶ All-inclusive design of the toe cap

Toddlers walk unsteadily, and their judgment of safety is far from enough, and they may fall at any time. To prevent bumping into or kicking hard objects, be sure to buy shoes that are fully wrapped around the toe cap to protect your toes.

The toe cap of this shoe is an all-inclusive design

The sole extends upwards to the upper, forming a tough protective layer to prevent injury to the baby’s toes; The slightly upturned toe cap also makes it easier for your baby to walk.

Strong overall support

Not only the toe cap,

The entire shoe body is wrapped in design

The instep is relatively high, which not only provides enough space for the baby’s fleshy fat feet, but also brings perfect protection to the toddler.

The back top is a thickened design

, the top surface is also relatively high, the ankle wrap is very strong, and the support of the heel is quite good. The toddler baby’s center of gravity is unstable, and this design is full of security.

▶ Light and breathable

Don’t look at the all-inclusive + space leather upper, but the breathability of this shoe is quite good.

This is thanks to two points,

One is a cutout design with up to 6 places

, can quickly help small sweaty feet to drain moisture;

The second is the polka dot punching of the upper

, air can enter the internal circulation of shoes, quickly take away heat, summer wear is not stuffy.


The inside and insole are made of natural soy fiber

This new type of material, delicate and soft, like the tender little feet of a baby, reduces unnecessary friction.

▶ The non-slip outsole is visible

Anti-slip is also an important topic for toddler shoes.

These children’s shoes are designed with TPR sole + non-slip texture.

TPR is light and soft, has good elasticity, is easy to bend, and feels very comfortable on the foot, and is the sole material of many big-name sneakers.

Coupled with the blessing of the anti-slip large texture, this anti-slip effect is really nobody’s more.

Suitable for babies with feet length 11.8~13.8 cm, daily price 119 yuan,

Today’s flash deal is only 79 yuan, and the stock is only 500

, grab nothing ~ don’t say anything, just buy it!

Mesh toddlers

It can be worn in spring, summer and autumn

Some mothers don’t like to buy leather shoes for their babies and prefer cotton mesh shoes, and Coolyez’s mesh toddler shoes are a good choice.

The same all-inclusive style, specially designed according to the structure of children’s feet, the wide last protective toe cap can not only protect the toes, but also reserve enough space for the feet to develop, and the little feet are stretched and safe inside.

Even if it’s all-inclusive,

The mesh upper + vent design is the best guarantee of breathable comfort

, breathable upper mesh allows air to circulate quickly,

The inner moisture absorption of soy fiber is also great

to keep the inside of the shoe dry and comfortable.

The comfort of this shoe is also reflected in the insole, and the bottom layer is a soft and elastic foam material insole, which is full of resilience and can relieve the pressure of the arch of the baby’s toddler; The top layer is a skin-friendly and soft soybean fiber fabric, which has a delicate texture and absorbs sweat and dissipates heat, if only there were adult models!

The sole is also designed for babies to walk,

Lightweight TPR material

, soft and easy to bend, reduce the burden of lifting feet;

Deepen the texture design

, anti-slip performance upgrade, safety and security.

The same Velcro adhesive design, very convenient to put on and take off, exercise larger babies put on and take off shoes independently. Moreover, the magic adhesive strip is super long, the bond is stronger, and different foot types can find the right tightness to avoid shoes not following the foot or falling off.

My favorite is the appearance of this shoe, the upper of the anti-fur + breathable mesh is very textured in itself, plus the contrast color matching, it is full of high-end feeling.

The price is also quite beautiful, the daily price is 129 yuan,

Lightning deals are only $79

, a pair of shoes can be worn in spring, summer and autumn, how to calculate how to cost-effective.

Available in four colours, for both male and female babies, limited to 500 pairs

, while the suit and size are still complete, hurry up and choose a pair for the baby~

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