Dove’s “tumultuous operation” makes people complain, but Dove’s 4 things you must not miss

emmm, the other day

“The Dove Affair”

It can be regarded as fermentation, but for now, the words ended with Dove’s apology should be, this is not much to say, Dove has always been Xiaoka’s own favorite daily chemical brand, but also Unilever’s national daily chemical brand, such as Xiaoka’s previous forced promotion of several items, familiar old fans are often seen.

The shampoo, cleanser, body lotion are all very good

Then for Dove, in fact, it really needs strong exposure, and Unilever’s marketing methods are no worse than Procter & Gamble, Xiaoka has reason to suspect that this incident is intentional, but Dove’s “riot operation” makes people complain, but Dove’s 4 things you should not miss, it is really a product with a burst of word of mouth in Dove’s family!!!

Affordable and easy to use


Dove cleansing mousse

Comment: Affordable cleansing fighter

Xiaoka before is full color are started, feel or blue suitable for me more, weak acid amino acid surface life has been said to be rotten, if in 16 years amino acid surface activity may still be a tall cleaner, but now it is 2020, don’t worship amino acid cleansing too much, relatively speaking

Dove strengthens the cleaning ability of the surface work, and the surface work used is itself the kind with good cleaning effect

On the whole, the student party, oily skin is used without any problem, the specific feeling of dry skin is not known, Dove cleansing mousse is also very affordable, student party or insufficient budget to use it is completely enough, that is, the fragrance is added a little more, feel a little rich, similar to Ponshi.


Dove ice cream scrub

Comment: I really want to take a bite! Just one bite!

Look at the name to know its texture,

“Ice cream” texture

Soft and sticky is still very dense, and always feel that Dove’s scrub is still very mild, there is no feeling of large particles rubbing nor the feeling that it can’t be washed off and there is a huge pain, it is smoother after washing, but the gentle result is that the exfoliation effect is not so good!


This is the real advantage, the stratum corneum on the body itself is not particularly thick, try to use less exfoliating products or choose ultra-gentle exfoliating products, so this is the reason why Dove’s scrub is on fire, fragrant and will not be too dry after washing has a certain moisturizing effect.


Dove Flower Heart Bottle Botanical Extract Silicone Free Shampoo

Comments: Full of floral fragrance!

No silicone oil! These two years are also very hot, indeed by Procter & Gamble brought up silicone oil shampoo for the hair is still quite harmful, mainly the residue is too serious, and no silicone oil is not good washing after washing may feel dry, Dove this flower heart vase adjusted the formula, try to make the moisturizing effect after washing will remain a little, not too dry, after washing will be more fluffy.

The damage to the scalp is also very small

The taste is also divided into different styles, the cherry blossom washing model is still very smelly, and the appearance is also very high, overall it is still very good, that is, the oil control is really not strong, the big oil head avoid starting.


Dove Herb Jasmine Body Wash

Comment: It’s like soaking in a jasmine petal bath

Rushing to the scent of jasmine!!!

Must not miss a floral shower gel, it is really like perfume and the fragrance durability is also very strong, shower gel, basically the detergent used can wash the grease and dirt on our body, these are not to say, just say that the taste is really “sa” me, not fake slippery, and super affordable, after washing will definitely not appear dry feeling, the foam is also very dense.

Jasmine fragrance

I want to smell it, I want a little fresh floral shower gel, I really want this!

These 4 things of Dove, you must not miss it! I don’t allow you not to know that Dove still has such a good thing!

All right

That’s it for today

See you next time!

Dove’s most worthy affordable goodies, these 4 things I don’t allow you not to know, the student party loves it

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