A very beautiful versatile shirt, full of femininity

Today I will show you a small shirt, in this season, it is said that autumn is not completely cool, but it will be hot at noon, and then go to work, after work and do not want to change around all the time, a simple, convenient small shirt is really a very intimate match.

A very beautiful top, the round neck is an avant-garde openwork design, full of femininity, feel that the hollow is too burdensome, you can put a small black suspender inside, adding a looming charming reverie.

The design with cuff buttons and the visually slim arm line naturally bring out a gentle and romantic taste. The key is that the pants and the body connection are very designed, much like a designer model. Much like, this is a relatively unique style made by the designer of the studio. The advantage is to hide the waist, hide the meat, you know.

The lower body with skirts, suit pants, and casual pants are all very good matches, and Xiaobian does not recommend matching short skirts, which will be a bit nondescript. In terms of shoes, Xiaobian recommends matching with single shoes, leather shoes, and booties, and it is not recommended to match sneakers.

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