Home dry goods: Is the kitchen oil oil sticker? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Kitchen oil oil stickers believe that everyone has learned, avoiding the kitchen oil stains on the wall, is very practical, but everything has two sides, you know what is the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen oil sticker?

Is the kitchen oil oil sticker?

? If you are interested, you will hurry down.

Is the kitchen oil tobacco sticker?

The advantages of the kitchen oil oil sticker:

1. The kitchen oil oil sticker is mainly used to protect the kitchen wall. It uses environmentally friendly materials that will not adversely affect the human body;

2, its waterproof and oil resistance is excellent, it is not worried about the oil stains on the wall after it is passed.

3, its color is bright, not faded, maintaining the specialty of beautiful viewing;

4, oil-proof sticker quality materials are very durable, long use, and not warping, high temperature resistance;


5, the installation of the kitchen oil oil stickers is very convenient, tearing open film is attached to the wall, tile, wall, wood, stainless steel surface can be pasted. After dirty, the cleaning agent can be used.

The disadvantage of the kitchen oil oil sticker:


1. The kitchen oil oil sticker does not apply to all walls. If it is a sampling of breast, it is easy to remove the base layer, it is not suitable.

2, in the kitchen is sticker, it will be more abrupt, affecting beauty in a certain extent.

3, the kitchen oil oil sticker is more difficult to tear, usually there will be adhesive remaining on the tile, you need to take additional measures to clean, relatively more troublesome.

Does the kitchen oil oil sticker have formaldehyde?

1, whether the kitchen oil oil sticker contains methanol, to see the material of the sticker, for safety, you can choose PVC resin material, this material is non-toxic and harmless, will not cause damage to the owner’s physical health.

2. With the popularity of oil oil stickers, a variety of oil-proof stickers appear on the market, some unscrupulous manufacturers make oil-proof stickers because she will use the harmful material to the human body, and the price of this sticker It is also cheap, so for your own health, you can’t be cheap.

3, identify whether the kitchen oil oil sticker contains harmful substances to the human body, you can smell the surface of the product, if there is a more exciting smell or feel, it may be a substance that is harmful to the human body.


How to post the kitchen oil oil sticker

1. Before the oil sticker, you can take a slight water on the tile, so that the tiles are slightly wet, then tear the paper on the back of the oil oil sticker, don’t be too fast when you tear, otherwise you may not be torn down. .

2, put the corner of the oil sticker to the corner of the tile, then take it from top to bottom first, then put it with the tile, then shave the edge of the scraper, don’t worry, you should slowly, otherwise it may Leave bubbles.

3, after the entire oil oil sticker, you can observe if there is bubble, if there is a bubble, slowly scrape it with a scraper.

The above is about the knowledge of the kitchen oil oil stickers, I hope I can help you.

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