Refuse to eat takeout! The Chinese Academy of Sciences patented 99% antibacterial lunch box, which can be eaten without microwave heating

As an unpretentious office worker, it is nothing to be tired and tired, the problems at work did not stump me, and a lunch at noon gave me a headache – “What do you eat at noon?” ”

I have been working in a company for more than 6 years, and the takeaway near the company has already been eaten and tired of eating, and I don’t know what to order at noon for a long time on my mobile phone, which dish tastes, which one delivers food slowly, all of which are already clear.

Sometimes I really don’t know what to eat, so I go to the restaurant outside to eat, but this does not solve the problem, there are too many people who go downstairs to eat at noon, they have to wait for a long elevator, and they have to queue for a long time when cooking, and sometimes even buy a bread directly to solve the problem.

This is too time-consuming, affecting work and rest. Occasionally, I bring my own food, and I don’t have to worry about eating at noon, but I am a little lazy and don’t stick to it for long. Until one day I ate an unknown object in the takeaway, and I was instantly disgusted, so I made up my mind to refuse to eat takeout in the future, no matter how busy I was, I had to bring my own food, at least clean and hygienic.

Especially after the Y situation to work, the company brings more and more people, a microwave oven in the company is somewhat insufficient, and you still need to queue up to heat the rice.

Often bring rice, lunch box is more important, plastic lunch box can not be heated at high temperature and not easy to clean, glass lunch box is too heavy, commuting is not convenient, simply replace the original lunch box, replace a Geego antibacterial compartment portable lunch box.

The main thing is to fancy this lunch box

99% antibacterial preservation function, no microwave heating, three dishes and one meal open

and other features, the experience is not bad to use, making you fall in love with bringing rice.

Geego is a domestic brand specializing in stainless steel tableware, and the materials used in this new lunch box are very different. It is not our common 304 or 316 stainless steel, but the antibacterial stainless steel material invented by the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with an antibacterial rate of 99%, and has obtained a national invention patent.

The antibacterial effect is long-lasting and spectral, and it retains a good antibacterial effect for ten years

The research results have also been featured on CCTV, indicating that this is a major breakthrough.

It is precisely because of the 99% antibacterial effect that this lunch box can

Keep the meals inside

, eaten

The taste is better than ordinary lunch boxes.

The lunch box has four small grids, which can hold 3 dishes and one meal respectively, without mixing the meals together, and the 1.2L capacity is enough to bring rice, and a full meal at noon.

The lunch box was adopted

Design of tray + dinner plate

, the bottom tray has:

Very good heat preservation

, bring the meal to the company in the morning, add some boiling water to the tray, you can keep the meals inside warm until noon, and eat it directly when you leave work, no need to queue up to use the microwave.

Geego to the lunch box

The tightness has been reinforced

, using a double-layer food-grade silicone ring, better fit the lid, so that the sealing effect is very good, when bringing rice

Don’t worry about the soup spilling out


Since it is to be brought to the company, of course, the appearance must be able to keep up, a variety of color matching, plus delicate workmanship, looks

The whole is simple and textured.

A small design has been added to the lid, which can be used

Store chopsticks and spoons

, so that it is more convenient to store and use; At mealtime, it was ok

It is used to make a mobile phone holder and relax while eating while chasing dramas.

The spoon and chopsticks mentioned above, which are the same as the dinner plate, are patented antibacterial stainless steel of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which also has a 99% antibacterial effect, and the size is also comparable to the storage slot on the lid, which will be included with the lunch box.

They are all made of antibacterial stainless steel, which can be used together, which makes it more secure to eat and worry-free to use.

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Geego antibacterial compartment portable large capacity lunch box



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