The mosquito net style that my sister chose for the family made the bedroom instantly become stylish and personal

April can be said to have slowly entered the summer season, and our first reaction to the arrival of summer is heat. In addition to the hot weather, sleeping has also become our biggest problem. Why do you say it? Because nasty mosquitoes will appear in our bedrooms when we sleep in the summer, if we are not careful, we may embark on sleepless nights and duel mosquitoes all night.

There are mosquitoes, of course we have to let the mosquitoes be eliminated or not appeared. I believe that the word “mosquito net” is familiar to everyone, especially for summer, whether it is to turn on the air conditioner or the fan, smart mosquitoes will always accompany us from different degrees of gaps. Hanging up mosquito nets so that we can enjoy a comfortable sleep is not a problem.

This stylish mosquito net design with a three-door floor-to-ceiling U-shaped rod adopts the color of the light series, and the beauty of the mosquito net is set off by warm yellow lighting. At the top, the mosquito net is supported by a U-shaped telescopic pole, and when the mosquito net is lowered, it feels like the ethereal world. When not in use, the mosquito net can be shortened to the shortest distance from the wall by means of a telescopic pole on the top.

The structural design of the square top is encrypted with a seated zippered court lace material. The design of the three-door door makes it easy for you to use it in different positions of the bunk bed. When sleeping, zip up the mosquito net, and each mesh is finely designed. During the day, the mosquito net can be neatly rolled up to the top, with a beautiful curved structure.

The suspended ceiling method uses the ceiling area of the mosquito net to support the entire mosquito net. The top is a circular ceiling design, and the veil of the mosquito net falls with the top, enveloping the bed. Wrap the bed in a mosquito net with the top of the bed directly above the bed. A simple way to open and close the mosquito net, the veil falls naturally to the floor.

European court round bed, dome square roof floor-to-ceiling mosquito net. A simple ceiling design was used, with multiple hooks on the top to hang the top of the mosquito net. The hook is tightly integrated with the ceiling to make the mosquito net stronger and more stable. The three doors can be neatly rolled up with ribbons to make the mosquito net more neat and beautiful.

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