The top hat worn by Princess Kate: floral and mesh vintage charm, elegant and high-class style

The British royal family has high requirements for etiquette and dress, and every time a royal woman appears in front of the public, she will always wear a top hat on her formal wear, corresponding to the coloring and style of the dress. Princess Kate, who entered the British royal family, has a good grasp of retro style, and her outfit has also been well received by the public.

Princess Kate loves black outfits, with a three-dimensional cut effect at the waist, a stand collar and bow design to create a delicate effect, with a mesh velvet top hat, three-dimensional lines wrapped around the top hat, highlighting the British aristocratic style.

Floral elements are also preferred by Kate, and Kate’s style is more mature and low-key than the lively colors favored by the Queen. If the top hat she chooses has intricate elements such as flowers, then the skirt she chooses is relatively simple,

She has performed this top hat several times, and the gentle white color highlights the romantic atmosphere.

Classic to extreme brown top hat, this cylindrical shape is also rare, if the temperament is not elegant enough, then it is difficult to wear a sense of luxury. Fortunately, Princess Kate’s aura is very gentle,

And the bow on the side of the top hat adds a girly atmosphere, and she has worn this top hat many times, all with good results.

A variety of coats paired with brown top hats are a suitable choice for autumn and winter.

This kind of mesh top hat with three-dimensional effect is the most chosen by British royal women, choose a refreshing and elegant top hat in summer, with all kinds of dresses and suits, classic black and white with the most unique style, curved lines dotted in the top hat, some playful charm.

Dazzling red is a difficult color system to control, because it is too bright, and when choosing a solid color, there is no other color to blend, and it will overturn if you are not careful.

The red dress chosen by Princess Kate is paired with a topper hat of the same color, and her smile is like a brilliant blooming flower, blooming brilliantly.

Some interesting top hats, Princess Kate can also bring out a little atmospheric feeling, the layered white top hat has some raw curved lines, with lapel skirts, there is an inexplicable sense of premium.

In the winter, Princess Kate opened her coat show, all kinds of tweed coats took turns, the smooth stand collar design was elegant and delicate, and the bow gray tweed hat was perfect for the winter atmosphere, gentle and sweet.

Curly velvet beret hat, embellished with some black lines, some artistic shape with velvet black coat, the overall style highlights the British aristocratic style, in fact, Kate has been running in for a long time after entering the British royal family, and her clothes have changed from retro to neat.

Dark green comes with retro nobility, gorgeous dark green floral top hat, the highlight is hidden behind the hat, with the same color coat or wool collar coat, all present an elegant effect, the recessed top hat chic romance.

The top hat worn by Princess Kate: flowers, mesh retro charm, elegant and high-class style super beautiful, everyone thinks Princess Kate’s top hat shape, which set is the most beautiful?

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The red dress chosen by Princess Kate is paired with a topper hat of the same color, and her smile is like a brilliant blooming flower, blooming brilliantly.

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