One Piece’s four most loved pets by sea fans, Joba is too cute, and Rab is emotional!

In One Piece, in addition to some powerful characters and wonderful battle scenes are very attractive, there are also some cute pets that are also very eye-catching, and then let’s take an inventory of the cutest pets in One Piece.


When it comes to cute pets, the first thing that comes to mind for sea fans will be Qioba. Choiba is a ship doctor of the Straw Hat Regiment, originally a reindeer, but because he eats everyone’s fruit, he also has the same intelligence, learning ability, and ability to walk on both feet. In the eyes of his kind, he is a monster, so he has been bullied by his own kind since he was a child. Later, he leaves the deer herd and encounters humans, who kill him everywhere as a monster. But fortunately, he met Dr. Shiruluk, who treated Choba like his own son. Thinking that they would live happily ever after, but being defeated by a sudden illness, Shiruluk eventually left Joba because he was terminally ill. Since then, Choiba has vowed to find the world’s “panacea” so that all diseases can be cured.


Rab is the largest whale in the world, and although it is large and scary, Rab is a whale with a very heavy feeling. The Rumba Pirates decide to venture into the Great Passage, and because the Great Passage is too dangerous, they make a pact with Raab: “When we circle the world and come back, we will meet.” Little Rab stayed with tears in his eyes, waiting for their return on this side of the Red Earth Continent, which was 50 years… How many vicissitudes of the sea have changed and passed over the years, and the little whale has become a whale that is bigger than the island, and even has an ocean in its body. Because of that agreement, for decades it has been hitting its head against the red earth continent that will never be broken, scarring itself and hissing sadly, and the huge whale like this island has waited sadly every day. What it doesn’t know is that its owners died decades ago in the Great Passage. And the only one who survived was Brooke, who had already “died”, and the result of the long wait was only empty, and such a wait was endless.

Phone bugs

The phone worm is a communicative animal in One Piece, and the phone worm’s mouth will move like the mouth of the speaker when talking, and there are also human feelings that can understand human speech. Therefore, in One Piece, you will often see that the phone bug will always imitate the emotional state of the character, which is very cute, and will shrink itself in the shell when encountering a threat.

Sengoat goat

The Sengoku goat is a very amazing species that does not eat grass, only documents, and eats all the time. On the surface, it is harmless to humans and animals, but it is a very practical goat, and many sea fans wonder whether this goat ate some devil fruit to become like this, it is simply amazing!

Which pet do pirates think is the cutest one?

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