Popular men’s facial cleanser strategy classification collection

How to choose a popular facial cleanser?

Boys, brothers, most of them think that a facial cleanser can be used casually

In fact, choose a facial cleanser according to your skin type

It is also possible to improve skin problems by basic cleansing

⚠️ There is a lot of oil, closed acne, and the skin with enlarged pores belongs to oil acne skin, so you should choose a facial cleanser that controls oil and acne to improve oil production and prevent and reduce acne

⚠️ Skin with a lot of oil, a lot of blackheads accumulated, and a dull complexion belongs to blackheads, so you should choose a cleanser that cleanses blackheads to deeply remove the blackhead dirt in the pores

⚠️ Easy to dry skin, easy to redness and sensitivity, rough to the touch of skin, belongs to dry sensitive skin, you should choose a hydrating and moisturizing facial cleanser, relieve skin dehydration and dryness, moisturize and moisturize

Below is a summary of facial cleansers with different benefits

✅ Oil control acne group facial cleanser:

1⃣ Ocean Supreme Men’s Cleanser: cost-effective, acne relievers

2⃣ Mi Yun Men’s Cleansing Mousse: Gospel for lazy people, but also improves acne skin

3⃣ L’Oréal Men’s Facial Cleanser: Very popular, it will be a little exciting

✅ Clean Blackhead Group Cleanser

1⃣CJ Facial Cleanser: Can also be used as a mask, a bottle of dual-use

2⃣ Dr. Shirono Facial Cleanser: The exfoliation is quite good

3⃣ Ishisawa Research Institute Facial Cleanser: The cleansing power is really stronger

✅ Hydrating moisturizing group facial cleanser

1⃣ Biotherm Men’s Facial Cleanser: It’s a little expensive, good hydration

2⃣ Skin Spring Tean Facial Cleanser: Use it in the new season to maintain stability and moisturization

3⃣ Kerun Cleansing Mousse: Foams delicately, deeply soothes and moisturizes

So recognize your skin type and choose the right facial cleanser

Brothers can all have a clean and refreshing skin

Popular men’s facial cleanser strategy classification collection

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