In addition to the membrane structure and color steel plate, it is also a good choice to install the carport

With the development of the times, the whole people have entered a moderately prosperous society. Now there are many communities or individual households, and basically every family has a car, but the parking and settlement of the body is a problem. At this time, choosing a good carport is something that needs to be solved.

Membrane structure carport. As we all know, the construction of membrane structure carport is now very popular and common in China. From large and small squares to the current iconic buildings of the city, many places containing local shading are often built with membrane carports.

Extreme Karl Endurance Plate Carport

However, what is not known is that the strength of the membrane structure carport is relatively low and the load-bearing capacity is poor. People with experience will know more clearly that the service life of the membrane structure carport is about 1-2 years, and then the membrane cloth needs to be replaced, because after 1-2 years of wind and rain, the membrane cloth is very easy to leak rain and seep water, and even be torn. Fortunately in the south, if in the winter in the north, thick snow presses on it, it will also cause the membrane cloth to lose tension, and even crush it in serious cases.

Color steel plate carport. Color steel plate carport is the most used material in society now, and its application field is also very extensive. However, the color steel tile is a colored coated steel plate, which is cold-bent into various wave types of profile plates by roller pressing. Its thickness is thin, so it is easier to deform, because it is a metal material, so its corrosion resistance, waterproof performance are relatively poor, easy to rust. Moreover, the structure of the color steel tile carport is very simple and dull, and it is basically impossible to achieve complex and unique shapes. The service life is also relatively short, generally 3-5 years.

Endurance plate carport. The material of endurance board has very good impact resistance, heat insulation performance, sound insulation performance and anti-aging characteristics, and the transparency of endurance board is high, and the quality is relatively light. In addition, this material of the plate is also flame retardant, home or community electric vehicle charging, prone to self-explosion problems, can choose this kind of carport. Not only beautiful style, but also very high safety factor. The material of the roof is polycarbonate sheet imported from Bayer in Germany, which is very wear-resistant and durable, and the warranty will not change color for fifteen years without yellowing! The skeleton is made of aluminum alloy and has a warranty of up to 30 years! The cost performance is very high, and it is a high-quality carport that is highly recommended.

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Extreme Karl Endurance Plate Carport

Extreme Karl Endurance Plate Carport

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