Colorful polka-dot down jacket with jeans, Mao Xiaotong’s goddess is full of style, so beautiful that she has no friends

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Fashionable girls in the entertainment industry have always existed, because they are one of the little sisters that many fans like, and sometimes even their dress is the object of imitation by many fans, in this issue we will talk about the little sister Mao Xiaotong, because her and Yang Jue’s New Year’s Eve movie has also won praise.

This movie is “Love with Home as the Unit”, which is also Mao Xiaotong Yang Jue’s second cooperative filming, before this they have collaborated on the TV series “Thirty Only”, this Chen Yu played by Yang Jue, Mao Xiaotong played Zhong Xiaoqin, and everyone felt that their ending was the best, and also left a deep impression on everyone. Then in the two film and television dramas, Mao Xiaotong’s outfit is also particularly eye-catching.

Then this season is also particularly eye-catching, she loves to wear that light-colored down jacket, this down jacket looks clean and neat, especially the color polka dot down jacket he chooses, not only full of layers, but also adds to the feeling of literature and art.

That light-colored plush jacket, paired with that kind of black kind of tights, not only looks playful and cute, but also looks a lot older, like a cute school fangirl. That kind of black leather jacket with black tights sweatpants, the biggest feature is clean, simple and atmospheric, so that girls have a little more cute and naughty factors.

Plush coat is also a good choice for Mao Xiaotong, and everyone finds that such a plush coat also has an important feature, delicate short plush with a slightly rough fit, fully showing the charm of dressing, with good recognition.

So whether it is the kind of yellow or pink kind of plush coat, it is full of beauty, and all kinds of pants with her, whether it is trousers, or jeans can show different effects, and it is also the kind of dress that many girls prefer.

Another matching is that the knitted sweater is also Mao Xiaotong’s classic dress, such as such a red knitted sweater is also inlaid with that black embellishment, which enhances the taste of a little fresh style, in addition to slightly revealing a sexy and feminine charm. And that kind of knitted cardigan with three colors blooms into a different effect.

This outfit belongs to a small fresh style, and with blue jeans, it looks a lot less aged, like a cute little sister, making everyone feel full of beauty. As a girl, Mao Xiaotong has been debuting for many years,

But in her early years, she was still a second- and third-tier artist, only in recent years, her career has been booming, and she has experienced family alienation and love betrayal in her early years, but now her development has entered a new era.

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