Desulfurization technology – improvement and enhancement of DS sulfur foam filter

Desulfurization technology – improvement and enhancement of DS sulfur foam filter

The DS ultra-porous sulfur foam special filter produced by our company has been well received by customers since its launch. However, there have been some problems in operation, some of which are defects of the machine itself, and some of which are caused by daily maintenance and management. In view of the problems, our company in the spirit of being responsible for customers and pursuing excellence in product quality, timely organize technical personnel to conduct research and research, improve and improve the sulfur foam filter, and make the performance more stable and reliable. There are mainly the following points.

1 PLC control device

PLC is a new type of general industrial control device. Although it has high reliability, due to the limitations of objective conditions, the working environment of sulfur foam filter is poor. Due to the presence of corrosive gases, the normal operation of the PLC is greatly affected and failures are often performed. In response to this situation, we have mainly done the following work:

(1) The use of modular PLC, because of its fast judgment of failure, easy to replace the module, which module is broken, replace which one, reduce maintenance costs.

(2) Use a well-enclosed electric control cabinet to make corrosive gases enter the cabinet as little as possible to corrode the PLC. At the same time, the ultrasonic ammeter and inverter frequency display meter are installed on the surface of the control cabinet, which minimizes the number of times the cabinet door is opened, and the influence of corrosive gases on the PLC can also be reduced.

(3) A separate grounding wire is made for the PLC in the control cabinet, and the signal line is shielded wire. Then make the large inductive load in the cabinet, as far away from the PLC as possible. The wiring should be as orderly as possible, and the above are effective measures to ensure the normal operation of the PLC.

2 Vacuum tank

It is one of the important parts of the filter. In the past, the most common problem we found was that the vacuum level could not be reached. Its failure points are two major points:

(1) Three-way valve leakage, this main replacement accessory can be.

(2) Then there is the leakage of the discharge valve of the upper and lower tanks, these two valves are originally composed of white steel plate and sealing gasket, which is mechanical, long-term operation, the gasket is extremely easy to damage, often needs to be replaced, and increases a lot of maintenance. Now we have improved it, plus two pneumatic valves. These two pneumatic valves are controlled by PLC and operate according to the corresponding procedures, which reduces the amount of maintenance and leakage points.

3 Complete machine

On the whole machine, we have made some improvements that are easy to operate and easy to install.

(1) The water system of the whole machine has made some improvements: backwashing, vacuum pump cooling water, tank flushing, these pipelines are gathered in one place, as long as a joint is connected. In addition, the joint of the vacuum line has also been improved, and the original clip is not used.

(2) The pressure gauge was originally installed centrally on the dial with a pressure pipe, and is now installed on the spot for easy viewing and operation.

(3) The liquid level control of the tank was originally a capacitive level machine, and the sulfur foam was easy to hang on the wall, causing false liquid level and making the PLC unable to operate normally. Now switch to ultrasonic level machine, which solves this problem very well.

(4) Cleaning of filter plates. In addition to normal cleaning according to the instructions, we later found that after a long period of use, some filter plates on the machine had poor cleaning effects. In this way, we have recommended that users remove these plates, and then use oxalic acid and water to configure a solution in a certain proportion (5%), put the filter plate into soaking for about 24 hours, and then use air for manual backwashing in the solution, so that the cleaning effect will be better, greatly improving the reuse rate of the filter plate.

Any new equipment and new technology has a perfect process, as the most valuable sulfur foam filtration equipment in the desulfurization industry in recent years, the DS sulfur foam filter produced by our company is also constantly improving and improving. Over the past few years, with the mutual support and cooperation of our technical researchers and customers, the machine is now more mature and stable. DS sulfur foam filter will also play an increasingly important role in the desulfurization industry.

Source: East Lion Desulfurization Collaboration Network

The above is the introduction and description of Stainless Steel Vacuum Percolation Operation Tank, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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