Liu Xuning brought the sleeveless dress to the fire, elegant and cool, and the sense of luxury was very full

On the streets in summer, all kinds of dresses are “competing for beauty”, just like the beauty pageant scene, which makes people look at it for a while. In terms of coolness and comfort, the sleeveless dress was chosen.

If you remove the sleeves that bind your arms and free your hands, you will also reduce the feeling of stuffiness. Even so, most women dare not easily try sleeveless dresses for fear of exposing their body shortcomings, but sleeveless dresses are not a bad match, but many people do not find a style that suits them.

01. Check sleeveless skirt

Sleeveless skirts have always been considered the exclusive item for mature women, but this is a prejudice. Hard Candy Girl member Liu Xuning, as a member of the girl group, wore a sleeveless dress with a pure and sweet feeling.

She chose a checked sleeveless dress, the light pink is not tacky and unflattering, giving people a just right gentleness, the pink fabric is outlined with white checks, elegant patterns and high-end color matching make the simple sleeveless skirt get rid of the title of homewear and transform into a noble piece.

Unlike traditional sleeveless dresses, the upper part of the sleeveless skirt chosen by Liu Xuning has a similar shape to cloud shoulders, and multiple layers of ruffles increase the length and width of the sleeves, which is very friendly to girls with large heads and narrow shoulders, and can create a suitable head-to-shoulder ratio.

The small round neck adds lace, and the opening is moderate, which will not strangle the neck and can faintly expose the collarbone, which is sexy and playful. The elasticated waist enhances the waistline and accommodates a variety of body types, and the knee-length skirt makes it appear tall and thin.

It is the addition of checks to the sleeveless skirt that makes the sleeveless skirt more vintage, and if it is paired with a floral handbag representing an elegant lady and a watch that highlights status, the nobility will be even higher.

The style of checked sleeveless skirts is more inclined to retro sweet style, so it is more suitable for girls who look gentle and non-aggressive, especially girls with small round faces or melon faces.

In addition, although the cloud-shouldered ruffled sleeves are outstanding, they are required for the figure, which is more suitable for girls with narrow shoulders and petite figures, and girls who are slightly fat or have a strong back should not try it easily.

02. V-neck sleeveless skirt

If the crewneck sleeveless skirt is an exclusive item for sweet young girls, then the V-neck sleeveless skirt is synonymous with mature and elegant people.

The V-neck sleeveless skirt is made of pure cotton fabric, slightly thin, in order to make the fit more three-dimensional, the waist is added with cable and pleated design, which can not only concave shape, but also create a natural pleated A-line skirt, increase the sense of line and design, and enrich the matching layer.

Taking into account the characteristics of each person’s figure, especially the different shoulder width and arm circumference, the sleeveless lace-up design can be adjusted according to the figure, and the naturally draped streamer has also become a highlight of the V-neck sleeveless skirt, showing a flowing and flexible feeling.

The V-shaped collar has a little more maturity, showing mature and sexy beauty with proper skin exposure, and with fresh blue, it is generous and dignified. With beige sandals or sun hats, the warm and cold colors can make the overall look gentle and atmospheric.

The V-neck sleeveless skirt has a looser style, leaving room between the garment and the skin, especially the armpit design and adjustable sleeveless to accommodate all body types, while the fabric is suspended in the air to create a zero-touch feel, even in hot weather, there is no discomfort of the fit.

In addition, compared with the round neck and the neckline, the V-neck has both the conservativeness of the round neck and the sexiness of the neckline, the inverted triangle lengthens the length of the collar vertically, and also extends the curve of the face to a certain extent, which can visually shape the small V face, which is very friendly to girls with square faces or short round faces.

03. Straight sleeveless skirt

The straight sleeveless skirt is the simplest style, the whole adopts a three-dimensional cut, more ergonomic design, the overall upper and lower width, fit the figure at the same time, but also ensure enough looseness.

Compared to the previous two sleeveless dresses, the straight sleeveless skirt has shorter sleeves, similar to a slip dress with wide shoulder straps, and the collar is also more regular, and the overall shape is rounded.

Although the design is simple, it adds bright print patterns, and the white background outlines the blue flowers that bloom like oil paintings, which are closely distributed, giving people the feeling of being in a cluster of flowers.

This adds a touch of freshness to the hot summer days, and is paired with a straw hat for a proper French elegance. The fresh color matching is not only suitable for summer wear, but also white and temperamental, black and yellow leather girls can try.

The straight sleeveless skirt has a moderate length of skirt, just above the knee, which can cover the problem of unstraight legs or thick legs, and is more suitable for girls with slender calves and slender ankles.

In addition, the straight sleeveless skirt can almost completely expose the arms, which may expose the shortcomings of the arms, and is not suitable for girls with hunched backs, ungraceful postures and strong arms.

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