66-year-old Zhang Shuangli still dares to wear it, the style is young and fashionable, this veritable “Uncle Chao”

It is said that fashion is an attitude, and the same is true for 66-year-old Zhang Shuangli, who still maintains a youthful and optimistic attitude at nearly 70 years old. He will try something completely new, will release his inner desire to pursue the lifestyle he likes, this is his fashion attitude.

A white hair can not stop him from maintaining a youthful state, fitness is a part of his life, it can also be seen that he pays great attention to the maintenance of his body, after all, with the title of “the most fashionable uncle”, he will present the best state.

Although he is not very outstanding in terms of figure, Zhang Shuangli always has his own fashion concept, but it is not easy for him to maintain such a body shape in his sixties. And in his styling will also attract the attention of many partners, indeed in the dressing style is very dynamic and trendy, even if you are old, you can still wear your own attitude.

Under the background of white hair and beard, it is completely impossible to see the state of being in his sixties, and the style is full of vitality. His summer looks can also be created in different styles, and each set can be worn on trend.

First, summer resort style

Summer resort style pursues comfort and fashion, creating a relaxed and pleasant state, partners can also choose the style according to different climatic environments and regional cultures when creating vacation style.

The vest is a very common item in summer, and it is actually a challenge to wear a vest for Zhang Shuangli’s age, after all, it is easy to wear “Uncle Fan”, and the shape will be very old. But Zhang Shuangli is very bold in the choice of color, a fluorescent green vest with a pair of jeans with patches and graffiti, the shape is both fashionable and inconsistent.

Replace the fluorescent green vest with a rainbow tie-dye effect T-shirt, the shape looks sunny and vibrant, and the overall color of the shape is very rich and whole. It also has to be said that Zhang Shuangli has a strong ability to control the piece, and can wear this colorful tie-dye T-shirt so perfectly, which also shows his personal fashion temperament.

The shape of these shorts seems to be very monotonous, but it is also very perfect in the choice of tone, a set of blue and white color matching looks are very classic when vacationing by the sea, plus a literary Panama hat, full of resort style, the overall tone also has a youthful and age-reducing atmosphere.

Second, the street trend

Street fashion has always been a sign of youth, and in the summer, T-shirts and shirts are the main items, and Zhang Shuangli can use these items to create a variety of trendy styles.

The trendy logo slogan T-shirt with a pair of ripped jeans and high-top canvas shoes is a classic and fashionable street skateboarding style, and a white printed shirt is more layered, his look is very suitable for some young fashion lovers.

The personality of the T-shirt is full of unruly attitude, although the shape is black, but the use of clothing accessories is very perfect, and the whole look is well enlivened. The camouflage baseball cap is worn upside down, plus a pair of sunglasses, and the metal pendant around the neck all make the look full of hip-hop style. The red bag and pattern echo to make the look richer and more complete, so this look can show the charm of street fashion in the matching of accessories.

The same black tone of the shape, the reflective material of the pants makes the shape more personal, plus a pair of shallow shoes with spiked uppers, the matching of the shape shows Zhang Shuangli’s fashion attitude, the key to these items he can hold.

Street sports style is also a very popular style for young trendsetters, and sportswear is comfortable to wear and has a trendy style at the same time. Also in the choice of hats, bags and shoes, you can make the look more youthful and fashionable, so that the shape looks youthful and energetic.

The light-toned look is even more refreshing, and the gray striped cropped slacks echo the tone of shoes and T-shirt patterns, which is also the detail of the styling, which can make the look richer.

Third, the simple shape is fashionable and atmospheric

In some of Zhang Shuangli’s simple shapes, you can also see the fashionable side, his styling charm is not blindly based on personalized items and styles to present, like these simple styles can see the exquisite side.

Wearing suspenders is easy to appear stereotyped, but Zhang Shuangli uses a white shirt with high-waisted trousers, but wears a gentleman’s elegant charm, in fact, he is also very characteristic of creating these calm shapes.

The use of shirts with jeans is obvious, the shape is not old at all, this simple shape can also show a fashionable style, so Zhang Shuangli style seems to go his own way, but every step of the matching treatment is also in place.

For men, polka dot pants are generally afraid to try, after all, it is difficult to control with them, and Zhang Shuangli’s shape is very coordinated, dark colors plus white polka dots and small white shoes, but so that the shape will not appear monotonous.

The fitted white T and slim pants show off Zhang Shuangli’s body, and it can be seen that he is still in good condition despite regular exercise, which is one of the reasons why he can still show fashion charm at his age.

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