How much do you know about shy erotic lingerie?

Erotic lingerie is an adult product. It produces a stimulating effect on the visual, promotes hormone secretion, combines taste and sex, and becomes the product of spiritual civilization. Domestic erotic underwear is more accurately called erotic clothing, which is an adult product between underwear and clothing.

Erotic underwear is a derivative of underwear, and many adult products are the same, erotic underwear in Europe and the United States and other countries has been a very common product, but in China, in the past two years has gradually been accepted by the public, its focus tends to be “sexy, mysterious”, mostly temptation as an element, visually produce a strong sense of seduction, so that the two sexes achieve a complete sexual experience.

For men, completely naked women are far less sexy than women in sexy lingerie, and men like looming nudity the most, but are not much interested in nudity in bright light. What excites men the most is the composition that hides the last line. Because this state stimulates the man’s imagination, the man fantasizes about personally removing the beauty behind the covering, and obtains further stimulation pleasure from it.

Secondly, the female body is the most outstanding work of art created by God, the natural curves originally make men excited, and then use erotic underwear for appropriate decoration, but also make the body highlight sexy, the body’s exquisite curvy beauty and unique sexual attraction are vividly displayed, that beauty is simply the pinnacle.

The styles and types of erotic underwear are now developing a dazzling dazzling range, and the author believes that they can be divided into the following categories:

1. Three-point underwear

2. Sex uniforms

3. SM installation

4. Siamese class

5. Body shaping

6. Sex dresses

7. Stockings

For details, please see the next breakdown

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