Uncle Ge You also likes to be fashionable, and the small stand-up collar jacket shows Chinese style, and the dark color matching is very temperamental

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When men reach a certain age, they will find that when dressing and matching, how to match colors is also a very important issue, but many people do

More or less ignored

。 Indeed, the matching of colors is a certain knowledge and skill in it, plus the clothes chosen by men themselves are limited, so the ratio of colors must not be ignored.

Look at Ge You’s preference for Chinese style in clothes, small stand-up collar coat

Show an elegant temperament

, the big guy temperament can’t be stopped, in fact, Uncle Ge You also likes to be fashionable, the small stand-up collar jacket shows Chinese style, and the dark color matching is very temperamental.

Usually the colors are divided into two main categories,

Warm and cool colors.

If classified according to shade, it can be divided into dark and light colors. For most ordinary men, it is not sensitive to color, and the best combination is mainly dark colors, so that it is not easy to make mistakes.

Four points for matching dark colors

☆Choose ★ the core color

When men choose dark color matching, they do not simply use black and dark gray to match. gentleman

Selectable dark gray

In addition to these, there are navy blue or dark beige, which are considered a kind of dark color.

The advantage of wearing dark colors is that it can reflect the clothes more

Texture and sophistication

, especially in the details to reflect the overall sense of premium. It looks elegant and masculine.

And in terms of matching ideas, men may wish to be

Refer to the matching of the same color

, the same color system refers to the use of you and the new color as the main color, choose a color similar or relative to the core color of each person, but all in one color system, such as using a navy blue coat to match blue or light blue underwear, and so on

Matching in the same color.

Don’t choose the exact same material, the same color,

Especially the skinny style

, you will look like a praying mantis.

☆ ★ Contrast between shades and shades to avoid the sense of uniform

Although dark pieces are very versatile, they are not prone to errors. But most men still wear one when matching

The feeling of uniform

Even casual jackets have a sense of salesmen talking about things, and this sense of uniform comes from the fact that other auxiliary colors are not well chosen.

In addition to the more practical matching of the same color, the contrast between shades and shades

It can also create a sense of layering

, If you choose a dark color for your core color, then when choosing other secondary colors, you can choose a light color.

Neutral colors are also very good, and the color must have a contrast between shades and shades of color

Avoid that sense of uniform

, and the contrast between shades and shades of color and the contrast between cold and warm can be matched according to the season.

Some can be used in autumn and winter

Slightly more saturated colors

。 Even jujube red, if you want to wear light colors, then you can use off-white or light gray in spring and summer. These colors are crisp and clean.

☆Pay ★ attention to the color matching ratio

Even if you have mastered the art of color matching, or you are right

The color is very sensitive

, however, often presented with surprising results, either looking boring, the whole person is old-fashioned, or the messy color blocks make people feel dazzling.

Except, actually

Master the primary and secondary colors

In addition to other color matching, there is also a point to pay attention to the proportion of color matching.

In dressing, there is a rule that the whole body should be matched as much as possible

Do not exceed three color systems

。 Men should remember that a set of numbers are 60%, 30% and 10%, the core color accounts for 60%, the secondary color accounts for 30%, and the rest is the accent color.

Of course, this ratio is not absolute, but most people in the daily collocation,

Poor grasp of proportions,

You can refer to this matching ratio. Through accent colors and secondary colors, dark colors are also no longer low-key.

☆Pay ★ attention to the style and double the slimming effect

Another very important reason why dark outfits are popular with the majority of men is that they are

Really skinny

。 As they get older, ordinary people don’t pay as much attention to the management of their body size as they did when they were younger.

In particular, many men face it

The crisis of midlife and happiness

。 Lucky boys should also love beauty and be handsome, so the trick to appear thin is to use dark color matching.

The dark color matching is visually thin, and in terms of clothing color, for slightly fat boys, dark clothing is often used, which can bring all the time

With the illusion of visual contraction

, to create a thin visual wear, so that everyone’s body shape looks larger than it actually is.

In addition, the style should also be paid attention to, it is not advisable to choose

Too loose style

。 The looser the style, the more casual, but it lacks the sense of sophistication that men should have. It is best to have a slightly slim style.

A combination of dark colors and a minimalist style

☆★ Simple style, adjust body proportions

Each person’s age, style, facial features, temperament, taste are different, choose clothes

All have their own preferences

。 Even for dark outfits, some people prefer a more formal business casual style, while others prefer a loose and comfortable sports style.

Especially as you get older. Casual sportswear for comfort

Growing in popularity

, but slightly loose sportswear for the effect of body proportion adjustment is not obvious, so try to choose a simple design.

The minimalist design transfers the visual effect very obviously, if

Overly fancy pattern

, on the contrary, it will attract the attention of others more and expose the shortcomings of your figure.

☆★ Special fabrics make dark colors more personal

In addition to the minimalist style, Zhiwan wants to make dark colors

Dress even more

, personality fashion can consider some special fabrics, the most common and best to match is leather.

To say that it is a must-have item in a men’s wardrobe,

It’s a leather jacket

, The classic leather jacket can make the old king next door wear a model-like temperament. The timeless leather jacket reveals a sophisticated and masculine beauty.

In terms of matching leather jackets, there is a choice

Some simple pieces

, such as solid knitwear or T-shirts, which is also the most basic and classic matching choice of dark items, use these lightweight pieces to support the scene.

☆ ★ Different styles show fashion

Whether you prefer a casual style, or

Serious and rigid

‘s business style, you can try dark color matching, and dark color matching is that any style can be switched, usually dark colors will give people one

A feeling of low-key introvertedness.

But with some individual accessories, you can create a vibrant, more eye-catching look. With some slightly shiny fabrics, a sense of premium

And with some unruliness

, so that you can easily slay on some important occasions.

I don’t know if you are dressed in dark colors for middle-aged men

There’s some inspiration too

? I hope that this combination will help everyone solve the problem of daily wear.

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