After decorating, I want to choose a marble dining table, look at the advantages and disadvantages, and then make a decision

Marble countertops look tall, in recent years is also more popular, especially the home decoration style is Nordic or American, very suitable for this, but if you only know how to look good for the marble dining table, then you through today’s sharing detailed understanding, and then decide whether to choose this material dining table ~

1. The advantages of marble dining tables

The reason why the marble dining table is popular must be because it has many advantages~

Stylish and beautiful

This is undoubtedly, the dining table of this material is bright and smooth, placed at home, fashionable and high-end, enhance the grade and gorgeous sense of space, and the whole dining atmosphere is more dignified and elegant.


Marble tabletops, more wear-resistant, generally there will be no scratches, and some ordinary wooden countertops of the dining table, it is very easy to be scratched or scratched by some sharp tableware.

Waterproof and easy to care for

Many dining tables are afraid of water, such as wooden dining tables, and they are more troublesome to maintain, and it is not easy to wipe. The surface of the table with marble countertops is flat and not afraid of water, it is convenient to wipe, there is water on it, and it can be dried directly.

2. Disadvantages of marble dining tables

Of course, the marble table top is not all so perfect~ In addition to beautiful wear-resistant and easy to take care of, some shortcomings are also very embarrassing.

Friends who plan to choose a marble dining table should clearly understand these shortcomings and feel that it is not too late to accept his shortcomings and then buy.

Too brittle and easy to break

Although marble is very wear-resistant, the stone countertop dining table is very brittle and easy to break. For example, diamonds are the hardest substance now, but if they fall to the ground, they may break because they are very brittle.

The table with marble countertops is very resistant to friction, but not to impact. The countertop should not be subjected to excessive impact, as it is likely to cause opening.


The material of marble is still easy to be penetrated by impurities, such as soy sauce or other color oil stains, stains with color are very easy to penetrate into the inside of the marble, if it is a light-colored desktop, it is very obvious and affects the perception.

Radiation problems

Marble materials, especially natural marble countertops, will definitely have radiation problems, but this point does not need to be particularly worried now, because there are now standard specifications for marble products, and marble within the qualified range is no problem.

And now many marbles are not all-natural, so the radiation situation will be much lower than the natural ones, and there is no need to worry too much.


As soon as you see the stone, you know that the weight of this dining table is definitely very bulky, and after this kind of placement, you basically don’t want to move, because it is very laborious.

If your home dining table needs to be moved frequently, then try not to choose a table with marble countertops that may not be suitable for you, because it is really difficult to move.

Today’s sharing is here, I hope to help you play a reference role when you buy, remember to pay attention to like~

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