Add awnings, cameras, charging piles and other facilities, and garage “micro” renovation to increase happiness

On the morning of the 6th, Ms. Wang, who lives in Community B of Oasis Nanyuan, Banqiao Street, Yuhuatai District, was pleasantly surprised to find that there were many “safety eyes” in the underground non-motorized garage of the community. She said that with these surveillance cameras, she feels more at ease, which can not only improve the safety factor of non-motorized garages, but also restrain the uncivilized behavior of residents.

Oasis South Garden is a resettlement housing community, with a total of 12 buildings in B and C communities, with nearly 2,500 households. The monitoring facilities of non-motorized garages are old and aging, and there are also monitoring blind spots in the community, which not only cannot meet the requirements of public security and information networking, but also have great fire safety risks.

“Every rainy day, because there is no awning at the entrance, the ramp is wet, it is easy to slip, and residents often slip and get injured, and they really need to be rectified as soon as possible.” A resident of the community said that in the parking area, there is also a problem of some residents pulling wires to charge.

Residents have demands, and the problem “does not wait for anyone”. Upon receiving the appeal, the Banqiao Street Party Working Committee immediately coordinated the renovation project of the underground non-motorized garage, coordinated the relevant functional departments of the street, and formulated several “pain points” involving the non-motorized garage in Oasis Nanyuan, listed the solutions, and stepped up the promotion of each project at the same time.

It is understood that the project began construction in mid-November last year, and in less than a month, 23 unbreakable “soft glass” stainless steel awnings were welded, 18 open-air carports were built, and the fire sprinkler engineering, monitoring installation, and charging pile transfer of 12 buildings in two communities were all completed.

Today, looking around non-motorized garages, surveillance cameras cover garage entrances and many other places. Wu Lixin, manager of Banqiao Street Property Company, told us that these cameras will ensure the safety of non-motor vehicles in underground garages 24 hours a day without dead ends; With open-air carports, charging piles, fire sprinklers and other facilities, while eliminating potential safety hazards, the management of the community is standardized, and it is convenient and safe for residents to use; With the canopy, the basement entrance and exit can be used by residents even on rainy days, and there is no need to slip on the soles of their feet and wet their shoes in the rain.

(Editor/Zhao Mengyan)

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