Light luxury elegant blue, small luck in life

Life is one detail after another, paying attention everywhere, all of them are vibrant and moving. In the hustle and bustle of the city, a comfortable home can allow us to enjoy tranquility and comfort, watch the flowers bloom in front of the court, enjoy the clouds, and enjoy the quiet of the years.

Living room

Blue always has some mystery and elegance, and adding it to the interior can always show an elegant spatial temperament. A mixture of cobalt blue and melancholic jet blue brings both a sense of calm and serenity and a spirit of hope – a precious commodity in this restless world.

In home life, the use of blue small areas often has the effect of finishing touches, such as blue sofas, blue pillows, blue art paintings, blue TV walls, etc., they occupy people’s visual focus and enrich the layering of the entire space.

The simple and comfortable interior decoration style, with just the right geometric patterns and colorful decorative elements, makes the whole home more warm, and at the same time tells its own artistic atmosphere in the details.


For us, the restaurant is not just a derivative of the kitchen, it is also a place for families to enjoy food and emotional exchange, where food and wine, and laughter, it can be said that this is the existence of the whole family. The champagne-coloured dining room harmonizes with the blue-style living room, and the open-plan dining room gives a spacious, bright feel. The circular decoration on the dining room wall makes the whole space more lively.

Master bedroom

A touch of blue on the master bedroom bed not only enriches the space layer, but also adds a flexible temperament. The color-blocking design of bedroom furniture outlines the beauty of simple and fashionable lines, and the collision of dark and light colors creates a poetic existence. Sunlight penetrates the curtains and floods the room, creating a clear, spacious feeling. It also has a large wardrobe, which adds practicality and comfort to the bedroom.

The artwork of Chinese porcelain is like an unspeakable secret, leading people into the artist’s mysterious world of color philosophy. Want to attract people’s attention in the home world, the decoration of Chinese porcelain blue is enough to please people, and there is a touch of red and blue to contrast, blue is cold and calm, red is warm and warm, the contrast between cold and heat, the impact is strong, and the color contrast obviously makes the space more layered.


Reasonable study room design is conducive to establishing a good study office atmosphere and environment, thereby improving people’s mood when they are in the study room, helping to study and think, and modern life relieves stress free space.

Under the cold and warm colors of Prussian blue and orange yellow, there is a coexistence of sophistication and vitality, and even the decoration on the desk quietly pours out the details of these two colors. The light, projected from the white sheer curtains, reflected the bright and gentle desk on the side, and when I looked up, the blue hanging painting eased the restless mind. Calm down and read books, let your mind clear and keep your rare authenticity.

Children’s room

Children like to play with toys and read picture books when they grow up, and when they grow up, they need to have their own independent learning area, which should be taken into account when designing children’s rooms.

The light blue space gives the space infinite vitality. The stick figure drawings of the wallpaper are full of fun and very eye-catching, creating a warm and childlike space atmosphere. May the child be dyed with a different romantic color in his childhood and start the journey of half-dreaming life.

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