This year’s popular imitation fur bags, fashionable all winter

To tell a true story: there is a fashionista in Korea with the nickname “Joyful”, she found that our bags in the Chinese market are very beautiful, so this fashionista and several of our domestic bag designers collaborated to make them with soft imitation fur fabric. It is said that after the imitation fur bags of the same different fabric were sold online, I didn’t expect that the bags she made immediately became a hit in South Korea and won the love of many women!

Image source: South Korea’s beaming cooperation bag

This makes me think that everything in the world can become very fashionable things, as long as we discover and create with our hearts, let’s enjoy it together:

Pure teddy bear color, lamb wool fabric

The charm of the bag is so cute

It feels very tasteful

It is also a pure gray teddy bear color, which is very beautiful

This is a copy of what pet dog’s fur

A desire to bring warmth to winter

At the same time, feel the delicacy and warmth of a woman

There is a kind of graceful and gorgeous noble style

This color brings sweet pleasure to the girl next door

Casual style, medium capacity, most suitable for girls

It’s a bit playful no matter how you look at it

Fashion is not the most indispensable one?

The bottom of the bag is a piece of leather with a good design

This is also the favorite of girls, who can put whatever they want

Pair it with lamb wool clothes

Maybe the crushes’ super favorite style is like this

It can be carried by hand or carried on the shoulder

The shape is good-looking, and it is more suitable for windy and snowy days in winter

I was pleasantly surprised, it was so beautiful

You see, you see, what this bag looks like

Super expensive, give you 100% temperament

This color is the most popular this winter

The two-color combination is too beautiful and suitable for all ages

This black is also invincible, do you like it

Cute clutch, stylish not good

This one is a leopard-print bucket bag

This one is not too big, the mini looks better

Inside is a fabric design that tightens the string to protect your belongings from fail

Warm winter sun, such a bag is enough

This is a mini lamb wool fabric mobile crossbody bag

Unisex, easy to go out, hands free

It is very suitable for carrying as auxiliary equipment, such as hand cream, batteries, etc

Simple and cute winter look, a must-have item for winter

Mini chain shoulder bag, good texture can’t do

Who doesn’t like women? There is a feeling of a little noblewoman ha

It’s like a mischievous teddy bear

Paired with motivated various coats, perfect

The inner layer is made of zippers, which is very safe

It is indeed good-looking, a favorite of office workers or freelancers

This is a fluffy lamb wool trimmed small leather bag

It can be genuine leather or imitation leather

With an undefeated universal bag, the sense of fashion is super powerful

This one is very foreign and gorgeous and will make you love it

Because these packets are 100% popular this winter, warm and cute and light at the same time, they especially make those female students crazy! They say that these bags are as cute as teddy bears, and the soft texture is very comfortable!

(Tips: The text of this article is original, and the picture comes from Korea’s joyful friendship sharing)

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