The lid of the coffee cup made of 3 pieces of paper can be opened and closed freely, so you can drink it in a variety of ways

Most coffee cups on the market use plastic lids.

Sometimes with a light pinch, the cover bullet flies, making a mess.

Since the cup body is paper, it is better to recover the lid of the cup.

It was created by two designers from New York


Coffee cups, one paper to the end.

In appearance, it looks a lot like McDonald’s McWhirlwind ice cream paper cups.

No plastic is used at all.

The cup itself is easy to fold, pick up, and drink.

Low cost and sustainable.

Three paper flaps, folded sequentially, sockets.

There is no need to open it with force, and it can be opened the same way.

Baristas don’t have to worry about not being covered.

Users are also no longer afraid of popping the lid out.

Ergonomic and comfortable to grip.

Natural nozzle design after closing.

Drink smoothly without a hard feeling.

The three paper wings can also be folded back.

Helps stir, add sugar cubes or milk, etc.

For baristas, latte creations are also possible.

There are currently several very distinctive designs.

pure white;

U-shaped theme;


The design team experimented with up to 800 cup shapes starting in ’05.

Guaranteed superior spill resistance.

At the same time, the integrated design means less waste output, including production, use, etc.

Coffee addicts do not need to change their daily drinking habits.

You can contribute to environmental protection.

From now on, coffee will not be easily left by coasters…

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