ECCO Chander Casual Tie men’s casual shoes

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Aunt Zhang has not been short time, last year God price when bought Philips echo wall through the introduction of friends to meet Aunt Zhang, since then has been fascinated by Auntie, out of control, so far has purchased 7 shoes (including four pairs of Aibu), 2 clothes, 2 bags. What a loser! This casual shoe 6PM minimum six discounts, just some time ago 6PM released the whole field 8 discounts, on the original price and another 8 discounts, equivalent to the original price 5 discounts.

The transfer fee is 3 pounds, 115 yuan. It is about 560 yuan. A certain treasure is basically around 1200.

These Ecco Chander Casual shoes for men, spring/summer 2013, feature a sleek and casual style with a soft and glossy leather upper. The replaceable leather insole features the ECCO Comfort Fiber System (CFS) to promote air circulation inside the shoe and keep the foot dry and comfortable. The stitching is neat and beautiful, equipped with a single-use direct injection double-layer rubber outsole, which provides long-lasting grip, is light and easy to wear, and is very suitable for casual wear. Without further ado, on the photo.

44 size, American standard 10-10.5. What barcode below is ignored, Aibu’s shoes are not one size larger than other brands (I bought four pairs of experience), basically how many sizes to wear in China can be bought according to the tips of the American Standard, basically not bad.

It looks good when it comes out of the box, soft matte leather and light leather mixed upper, off-white and blue mix-and-match, light main color system embellished with blue stripes and LOGO, highlighting the point, a little red feeling in the green bush.

The shoes are stuffed full, pull them all out and throw them away.

Below is the so-called double-layer rubber outsole. Dense phobia, it’s all a small triangle. However, it is still relatively soft, and it can be bent, the legendary feeling of stepping on.

Finally, two photos of the upper foot. 44 still looks huge.

M’s shoes will be a little squeezed at first, just wear them for a few days (previous lessons, I bought a pair before, I was very comfortable to wear when I wore socks, I was lazy one day and didn’t wear socks, and there was a little sweat on my feet, that grind, I took it off at night, and the skin was worn out. X), the sole fits the arch of the foot, which is a consistent feature of Aibu, and it is very comfortable to wear. This shoe is suitable for spring and autumn, and it is estimated that it is not very comfortable and stuffy in summer.

Well, the virgin drying is over. Everyone!

ECCO Chander Casual Tie men’s casual shoes

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