The screams of dogs came from a private house in Haikou… Law enforcement officers investigated and dealt with the owner at the scene who was busy killing dogs

Source: Nanguo Metropolis Daily

New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net, Nanguo Metropolis Daily

Reporter: Meng Jian

It is located in Lingshan Town, Meilan District, Haikou City

Inside a private house in Dagan Village, Dongtou Village Committee

Dogs can often be heard

Occasionally from the back room

There was a scream of dogs

Live dogs in captivity. Photo by Meng Jian

August 16

Reporter: According to the citizens’ report

Found this slaughterhouse hidden in the house

When Haikou Market Supervision Administration

Meilan Branch Lingshan Supervision Office

Flora and fauna of Meilan District, Haikou City

Law enforcement officers of the Quarantine Prevention and Control Center

When rushing to the scene

The den owner is busy killing dogs

The seven dogs that have been killed are to be de-haired and divided


Wash the dogs in the slaughterhouse. Photo by Meng Jian

“There is a field on the side of this house, where more than a dozen dogs are usually kept, and it is a den dedicated to the slaughter of dogs.” On the 16th, citizen A Feng (pseudonym) reported to reporters that it was located in a private house in Dagan Village, Dongtou Village Committee, Lingshan Town, Meilan District, Haikou City.

There is a den for slaughtering dogs that has existed for a long time.

After the owner of the den captured the dogs, he locked them up in a large bungalow on the side of the house, about a dozen. The small bungalow next to the large bungalow is where the dog is killed.

That morning, according to Ah Feng’s guidance, the reporter found the location of the den. The reporter found that the den was located in a two-story house at the end of an alley in Dagan Village, and when approaching the house, you could clearly hear the barking of dogs, mixed with the screams of dogs. Near the house, a citizen told reporters,

Dogs arrive at this slaughterhouse almost every day

“Every day, people take dogs on motorcycles to the house, and whenever the dog meat shop needs it, they slaughter it and deliver it to the store.” The citizen said,

Most of these dogs are of unknown origin, and some are even lost by dog owners.

Suspected of operating without a license, law enforcement officers investigated the kennel slaughtered here. Photo by Meng Jian

After determining that there was a den for slaughtering dogs in the house, the reporter reported it to the market supervision and animal inspection departments. After receiving the reporter’s report, the Animal and Plant Quarantine Prevention and Control Center of Meilan District of Haikou City, the Lingshan Supervision Institute of the Meilan Branch of the Haikou Market Supervision Administration, and the comprehensive agricultural law enforcement personnel of Meilan District successively came to the slaughtering site.

When law enforcement officers arrived, the owner of the slaughterhouse was working with a woman to dehair the killed dog and clean the blood from the ground. Perhaps seeing a living person, a dozen dogs locked up on the other side barked. “Do these dogs you killed have relevant inspection and quarantine certificates?” In the face of inquiries from law enforcement officers, the man surnamed Lin said that none of the dogs killed in this batch had animal inspection and quarantine certificates, but there were before. The business of the slaughterhouse was done by the three brothers together, and indeed for a few years.

The dogs were all caught from the countryside, but he could not provide the relevant inspection and quarantine certificates.

During the investigation, a woman at the slaughterhouse ignored the law enforcement officers and prepared to ride a bicycle to pull the dog away from the washed dog, but was stopped on the spot by the law enforcement officers.

Law enforcement officers took evidence from the dogs that had been killed and washed at the scene. Photo by Meng Jian

China’s Food Safety Law stipulates that poultry, livestock, animal and aquatic animal meat and its products that have died of disease, poisoning or the cause of death is unknown, as well as “meat that has not been quarantined or quarantined in accordance with regulations, or meat products that have not been inspected or unqualified for inspection” are prohibited from production and operation.

In this regard, the law enforcement personnel of the Lingshan Supervision Institute of the Meilan Branch of the Haikou Market Supervision Administration introduced that Hainan Province has not issued local regulations, rules or relevant regulations on dog meat supervision. The “provisions” in the Food Safety Law that “meat that has not been quarantined in accordance with the regulations or has not been quarantined” has no basis for regulations and regulations. Therefore, at present, there is no inspection and quarantine certificate for dog meat, and the regulatory authorities have no clear legal basis to determine its illegal behavior.

Because the slaughterhouse has not applied for business licenses and other relevant licenses,

At present, the Lingshan Supervision Institute of the Meilan Branch of the Haikou Market Supervision Administration has investigated and dealt with the slaughterhouse suspected of operating without a license.

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