The exquisite “small box” is staged with a big drama, with no dead ends, and the stars have said that they are good when they use it

Today we will talk about what is unique about the “small box” that has been particularly popular in recent years, which can not only conquer the circle of friends, but also make stars and Internet celebrities fall in love, what is the magic in it? This “small box” is a box bag, don’t look at it small, but it is exceptionally high in practicality and wearing experience.

Whether you are a royal sister or a cutie in terms of matching style, you can always find a bag that suits you, so let’s take a look at the magic of this box bag, maybe you are the next person to fall in love with it.

One: Which celebrities are wearing box bags?

1: Han Xue

Han Xue’s sweet and mature femininity is fascinating, and the allure of a pair of long legs was sent to the hot search by netizens at a party. In terms of outfits, a Louis Vuitton T-shirt with a landscape and high-waisted shorts made her beauty bloom, and the most eye-catching thing was the LV shoulder box bag on her body. The light-filled metal buckle attracts people’s attention, and the clean lines show its delicate allure, which is a special plus for Han Xue to carry such a bag.

2: Song Qian

Sister Song Qian’s control of fashion elements since her debut in South Korea is particularly accurate, not missing every fashion item that can be popular, so that she must maintain the most perfect state at any time when she appears under the camera. An Alexander Wang vest skirt is loose and casual with a casual beauty, combined with the Loewe knitted cardigan worn outside, creating a small sexy off-the-shoulder effect that is particularly sultry. The most eye-catching thing is the colorful box bag in the hand, full of girly and a little cute taste.

3: Cheng Xiao

is also a member of the girl group who debuted in South Korea, “Milk Xiao” has really become popular in the circle recently. The super body has practiced dancing since childhood, and can be called precise control of dressing. A cartoon-patterned Psychosis white T-shirt paired with black denim shorts makes it sexy and hot. The diagonal pink MCM box bag is infused with cuteness, and the feeling of innocence and vitality is casual and fashionable.

4: Lin Yun

As a star girl, Sister Xia is a little “earthy” in the hearts of many people, but if you consider her outfit, you will also find that she is actually a fashionable elf. An SMFKTT shirt + Devil Beauty upside down shorts is full of vitality, showing off the slenderness of the waist while showing off the legs. The most eye-catching thing is the straw box bag from Chanel, which not only has capacity, but also has a very rural atmosphere.

5: Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai, who has debuted for many years, has never been suspicious in terms of dressing, and a deep V denim dress is amazing. The ingenious multi-element stitching wraps her figure, and the super high effect aura can reach 180cm. What’s even more amazing is the matching of brown shoulder box bags, the collision of cold and warm colors is particularly eye-catching, seemingly simple but eye-catching careful.

Two: How to build a box bag?

1: Shirt

Box bags are not only a favorite item in the hands of celebrities, countless fashion bloggers have also done their homework on the wearing of box bags. If in terms of collocation, the combination of box bags and shirts can be ranked in the TOP10, not only simple and neat, but also able to attend different occasions, elegant and fresh feeling will show the gentle side of girls.

When it comes to matching shirts, white shirts are the best choice, and when two trendy items are combined, it is not as simple as 1+1=2. Whether it is temperament or fashion, it can always give people a stunning effect.

If you are a girl who commute every day, then believe that a shirt must be your must-have. If you are still hesitating what bag to carry out today, then you should really try the box bag, it looks good and fashionable in your hand, and the enhanced temperament can make you get a lot of good impression in the office.

2: Dress

An indispensable item in the summer wardrobe is a dress, and you only need to work on accessories and shoes in the dress. So the advantages of a box bag are highlighted, but remember that when choosing a box bag to match with a dress, the feeling of small and exquisite will be more delicate.

Although the small and delicate box bag has no storage capacity, the elegant and dignified aura when combined with the dress can make you more confident. When the small box bag is in your hand, it is not just a matching piece, but a weapon to enhance your aura.

3: Irregular slip dress

The box bag itself is full of three-dimensionality, if you want to be more jumpy and very personal, you have to put more effort into dressing. An irregularly cut slip dress just meets the requirements of the box bag, which not only gives people a strong visual impact, but also enhances the sense of fashion between the two.

The beauty of the box bag can always be praised, and the effect in the hand can inadvertently enhance a woman’s temperament and taste.

Well, little fairies, today’s box bag is recommended here for everyone, if you also like box bags, please leave a message below to share your matching experience with you. If you like us, please don’t forget to follow + like + retweet, each issue brings you a different fashion outfit.

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