Sister Shen’s love sharing kitchen has brand new clothes and shoes, and citizens in need can pick them up for free

Source: Lishui Daily Newspaper Media Group

In the Shen Sister Love Sharing Kitchen, there are brand new clothes and shoes, which can be picked up for free by citizens in need, and citizens who want to donate clothes can also send them.

“Such a brand new down jacket costs a few hundred yuan in the mall, now you don’t need a penny, you can wear it when you look at it, it’s too warm.” A few days ago, in the front store of Sister Shen’s Love Sharing Kitchen, citizen Ms. Zhu was full of praise after choosing a favorite winter coat.

On the 24th of last month, the second Shen Sister Love Sharing Kitchen opened in front of the city house, and this love kitchen for the seriously ill patients for free opened a “branch”. A few days ago, another public welfare activity was launched here, providing new clothes and shoes donated by caring enterprises to citizens in need for free.

At the scene, the reporter saw a 5-story shoe cabinet with nearly 20 pairs of new shoes for adults and children, and a variety of clothes hung on the hanger on the side, including sweaters, leather jackets, woolen coats, down jackets, etc.

“These clothes and shoes are brand new and are currently free for long-term hospitalized patients and their families to pick up at the hospital, and will gradually be available to all citizens after the event.” Sister Shen introduced that these clothes were donated by caring enterprises, and there are currently more than 1,000 pieces, with very diverse styles. After the opening of the clothing pick-up corner, many citizens inquired. “These clothes give us a different kind of warmth, thank you so much to Sister Shen and caring people.” Sister Wang, a patient who has been hospitalized in the hospital for a long time, said.

Previously, when Sister Shen and the love team went everywhere to give love, they would bring a few clothes to those in need. In February last year, in order to allow patients who have been seeking medical treatment for many years to eat “taste-friendly and cheap” meals, Sister Shen sorted out her firewood room and opened the first love kitchen in Lishui that is “free of charge”, which is open to patients’ families 24 hours a day.

Today, this roadside kitchen has provided more than 10,000 services and warmed the hearts of hundreds of leukemia patients. “Yeosu is a city full of love, and I hope to make it warmer and more humane in these ways.” Sister Shen said.

Dear readers and friends, if you or someone close to you needs it, you can go to the Fuqian Love Sharing Kitchen to pick up clothes. At the same time, Xiaobu also called on more caring enterprises and caring people to join this public welfare undertaking. If you want to donate clothes, please contact Sister Shen at 13600606757.

Source: Zhizhou Evening News Author: Xie Jiajun Yang Xiao

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