There are cotton era gauze bath towels, and the baby does not get cold when bathing in the changing seasons

Seeing that we are facing the alternation of summer and autumn, the changing season is the season when children have frequent colds and fevers. As we all know, children’s resistance is relatively weak, although cold and fever are more common in daily life, but this does not mean that parents can take it lightly. In fact, most children’s colds are caused by colds in the bath, so what should I pay attention to when bathing?

Precautions for bathing in the changing seasons

01. The room temperature when bathing is best at 24 °C-30 °C, and when bathing the baby during the change of season, we must pay attention to preventing the baby from catching a cold.

02, the temperature of the baby bath water should be controlled at 38 ° C – 40 ° C, parents can use elbows or wrists to test the water temperature, and can also use a professional thermometer to measure the water temperature.

03. Before bathing the baby, parents must make preparations, such as preparing clothes, bath towels, diapers, hot water, etc., among which, the quality of the bath towel cannot be ignored.

Babies are prone to colds after bathing due to alternating hot and cold temperatures, so parents should wrap their babies in bath towels immediately after bathing. But the quality of bath towels is also very important, some inferior bath towels on the market are easy to shed hair after washing, and will become hard after a long time, which is very inappropriate for babies with delicate skin. Cotton Times has developed a gauze bath towel for infants and young children, using 100% long-staple cotton six-layer weaving as one, multi-layer soft yarn structure, creating space to help the bath towel absorb water vapor, drain moisture and dry, can quickly absorb water droplets on the skin, and the baby can enjoy drying after the bath lightly wrapped in a bath towel.

In addition, the sparse gauze structure of this bath towel in the cotton era makes it easier to dry the bath towel and reduce the breeding of bacterial markings; At the same time, the fabric of the bath towel is softened in the cotton era, making the bath towel more skin-friendly and soft, even if it is washed many times, it will not be hard, and it will become fluffier the more it is washed.

When the season changes, there are cotton era gauze bath towels to protect the baby’s health and safety, and mothers are more at ease, so that cotton era accompanies the baby to grow up healthily together!

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