Yang of the fire surpassed the same doll collar and applied to settle into the spring wardrobe

Hello Eribati ~ How do you arrange this weekend? Xin Xiaowei, who went out to walk around, found that Peter Pan’s big lapel was quietly rising again!

Or that fashion is a circle

, If you don’t follow the trend this spring, I’m afraid that your status will not be secured.


Peter Panling, just listening to the name feels full of fairy tales, in fact, it is what we often say

“Doll collar”


However, the reason why it is called Peter Pan is really related to fairy tales, and the name comes from the clothes of Peter Pan, the protagonist of Disney’s anime “Peter Pan”.

At first, the Peter Pan collar was round and very small, and at first appeared only in children’s clothing. However, since the 60s of the last century, it has been more used in adult women’s clothing.

Of course, fashion doesn’t stop there. With the whimsical design of the designers, the neckline design is even more

Accentuate the sense of style

, from small round necks to large lapels of various shapes, it can be seen everywhere in major runways in the past two years.

MiuMiu 2020 Resort

Veronique Leroy Spring 2020

In this year’s brand lookbook, there is also a figure of Peter Panling. Turn up the exaggerated and foreign collar to greatly increase the sense of childlikeness, and the upper body is screaming and bubbling fairy.

Patou Resort 2021


All kinds of cute and loving necklines hit the girl’s heart

, has long occupied the wardrobes of all beautiful sisters.

Little sweet girl Yang Chao is very suitable for retro sweet outfits, and changes to Peter Pan collar


, It’s all the princess herself!

Who hasn’t seen Tang Yixin’s hot outfit! The pink sweater is covered with a white doll collar and a cat hair version “headband”, and the sweetness has exceeded the standard today.

Nanako, who can wear it, is created in a different way with a fake collar

Elegance and dignitude

‘s sense of fashion, so that it is not limited to sweet style, literary and retro sense is all there, worthy of being an elf girl.

Xiaohua Zhou also these two Miu Miu shirts are fresh and elegant


, check, embroidery to the neckline details full of sense, gentle and moving, really eye-catching.



Japanese style

The little fairy, you can refer to Yu Shuxin and Cheng Xiao’s comic girly outfit. Pan collar shirt with slip dress

Sweet and well-behaved

, it’s really so healing~

Easily satisfying everyday fairy tale feeling, girly

Exclusive age-reducing artifact

You are not allowed! This spring, let’s wear it with Xin Xiaowei and transform into a candy girl together~


Although Peter Pan Collar is playful and cute, it is easy to look petty and childish if he does not wear it well. Different types also have different styles, so before choosing, do a wave of homework 📔 with Xin Xiaowei in advance.

· T

The simple and delicate crewneck is friendly to beginners

A casual little embellishment can add sweetness to an ordinary everyday look and become vibrant.

Add to the corners of the round neck

Lace edges


Wood ear side

and other lace designs, greatly increasing the cute score, all full of girly feelings.

And the more lace decorations, the larger the area, the higher the cuteness index. If you add a little contrasting element, you will accidentally turn into a creamy ice cream girl.

· Peak lapels

Relatively speaking, the Peter Pan corner of the peak lapel design is sharper,


And without losing the sense of playfulness.

Especially a white shirt, simple and clean everyday style can minimize the childishness of Peter Pan collar.

On the basis of simple and clean, add a doll collar and structured balloon sleeves, and you can shake off the sense of passers-by, really killing two birds with one stone.

The improved V-shaped pan neck is more formal and professional, and the sharp lines are cool, so you can have no problem commuting to the street.

· Petal collar

The advanced version of the petal pan collar is

Concave shaped handle

, the eye-catching index is higher, of course, it will be more picky, need to fit their own temperament, too high and cold friends wear it is easy to overturn.

If you want to be hard and rigid with it, uniform tone

Wear in a smooth color

Clean and stylish, gray is often easy to wear with a sense of luxury.

Of course, color and detail can also be used to add contrast 🆚.

The petal collar and floral dress are also the best pairings, and when worn together, they can make the spring day

Fresh and sweet

The sense doubles in an instant, and wearing this rustic retro style to a picnic will definitely not be defeated.

· Multi-layer collar

Through the change of layers and colors, it can make Pan Ling more eye-catching.

Overlay effects

The level of sweetness makes the level up.

Shen Mengchen, Li Qin and Xiaoju have all contributed different versions of the interpretation, each of which can satisfy your girlish heart.

· Shawl collar

Little sisters with narrow shoulders


Big-headed starman

Be sure to put in a shawl pan collar, the large area not only has a strong visual impact, but also covers the entire shoulder to help you

Reinvent the head-to-shoulders ratio

Full of dramatic pompousness, materials and contrasting contrast, all make this oversized lapel a presence that cannot be ignored.

Eye-catching index max

Of course, you can also pick up a fake collar that you can wear and go, and it is very attractive with exaggerated and meat-hidden balloon sleeves.

#How to wear

Having mastered several pan collar types, how to match them next is the most important thing. It fits well with Pan Ling


It is a must-have for fairy 🧚 ♀️ wardrobes. It’s so powerful to pair with knits, jeans, tank top skirts and outerwear.

01 —

Pan collar shirt + knit

The most practical way to wear it is to use a Peter Pan collar with a soft solid color sweater, and casually put on a knitted cardigan for the effect

Sweet on sweet

The versatility of the shirt is very powerful, compared to the basic color of black, white and gray, with one piece

Bright knitwear

Performing even better, it’s a trendy item not to be missed when the season changes.

It’s also a nice idea to wear it with a pullover contrast vest to create a preppy style, and the small area of the pattern can be salt or sweet, and the decoration effect is just right.

02 —

Pan collar shirt + small skirt table

Vest skirt with pan neck

It often gives people a Japanese girly feeling, but bloggers who can wear it have recently updated their thinking and added print patterns on the basis of minimalist color matching, which not only retains the cuteness, but also makes it more atmospheric and natural.

Paired with a fluttery gauze vest long skirt, it immediately breaks the dullness of the previous season, and it is light and uncomplicated, and it is very good to travel lightly.

Pan collar shirt with print, check skirt is also eye-catching, but it can not be too much to steal the limelight, if you choose a white shirt, you can use a black vest to increase the sense of contrast, set off the protagonist halo of Pan collar.

If the bottom is simple, the simple route with black and white is sexy and toney.

03 —

Pan collar shirt + trousers

In fact, the very characteristic Pan collar shirt is already very attractive just by wearing it alone. Wear it casually with a pair of equally clean and crisp jeans, and that is

Copenhagen girl in minimalist style

When choosing jeans, define the proportions of the figure

High waist

The model is the focus, and the little ones have it

Long legs

Not a dream! At the same time, picking a pair of bright shoes to attract attention is also a spring bright eye~

Wearing a shirt with jeans can create a laid-back and casual feeling, and it is comfortable and not fussy at home.

I’m afraid that cold star people can also layer a sweater, and after a while you can directly wear a sweater out on the street, and the Pan collar shirt will instantly inject soul into the monotonous clothes, I don’t know how many people will be charmed~

For the advanced version, you can refer to bloggers to change into a colorful pan-collar shirt, cleverly use color to add points to the same outfit, and the fashion will be upgraded with one click.

04 —

Pan collar inside + coat

In the cloudy spring, the combination of Pan collar + coat 🧥 can help you find the right way.

The exaggerated doll collar can be placed in a coat with a pair of shorts, and the spelling rules are sweet and cool, neat and clean

British style

The effect is superb 👍.

Pan collar dress + long coat This tender package can be considered

Turn the collar out

。 Especially with the check elements, it is a playful preppy girl’s sense of sight.

Cropped coats mix and match a pan-neck shirt and wide-leg trousers to hide flesh and cute, Mary Jane shoes lighten your feet and are quirky overall, whoever wears them is

Vintage Little Witch

Which ones are worth buying



is an American designer brand founded in 2007 by New York-based designers Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini.

The brand excelled at details such as collars and sleeves, and the two designers blended their different favorite styles, resulting in the creation of Sea, which combines retro romance with modern minimalist style.

Its early-fall 2021 ready-to-wear collection continues

Retro romance is sentimental

, under the texture of retro film, the combination of doll collar and different materials is eye-catching and girly.

2021 pre-fall

Gentle and natural with some elegant and playful feeling, full of fashion and strong wearability.


Founded in 2016 by eponymous designer Batsheva Hay, it is a niche womenswear brand based in New York, covering American styles from multiple eras and dimensions, from Victorian to avant-garde, from housewives to hippies.

Designers like to reminisce about vintage fashion because they stand the test of time.

So you can see her family’s clothing style walking

Retro idyllic

, The designer moved the doll-style vintage skirts that he loved to wear in childhood into reality one by one, full of childlike fun and girly feeling.

BATSHEVA has also launched a futuristic glitter prairie skirt, with trendy colors and smooth fabrics that bring visual impact beyond the fly, and you can dance a disco on the spot.

The doll’s beautiful clothes are naturally indispensable to the cute and loving Peter Pan collar, and wearing a small dress for a picnic outing in the spring is simply suitable.

For the Fall/Winter 2021 model, BATSHEVA invited amazing women from all fields to shoot look books in their kitchens wearing new clothes. In the design

A large number of symbols of returning to family life are used to show the feminine side of women

2021 FW

After seeing so many pure and beloved Peter Panling, Xin Xiaowei has already been ordered by her own grass first…

After all, who doesn’t want to stay young forever and be a child who will never grow up?

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