A middle-aged woman who wants to play with the “cashmere coat”? Dressing tips are all in this article

For women, age is important, but we can’t be blindly troubled by age anxiety, why age crisis? You might as well take a look at this middle-aged sister, elegant and atmospheric, not worried about age at all, but easily became fashionable through dressing, if you want to have fun.”

Cashmere coat

“, you must not miss this explanation, the skills are here.

First of all, we will introduce you to a very fashionable red and black gradient cashmere coat, which is worth learning from in terms of color, red is the most eye-catching color, but red is easy to wear out of the earthy temperament, but also too high-profile, so the practicality is not as good as crimson, dark red, black and it is the most classic combination, but also can never go wrong with the match.

It will be fashionable to stitch red and black together, but it will inevitably give people an abrupt feeling, a little unnatural, and after integrating into the gradient design, it becomes gentle and atmospheric, and these two colors are naturally integrated together, forming a natural undertaking, and it is difficult to think of fashion.

The shape of this coat is relatively loose, which has a certain covering effect on the figure, especially suitable for slightly fat eyebrows, some beautiful eyebrows will face the trouble of being out of shape after entering middle age, then you should try a loose cashmere coat, which can make you easily thin and cover your flesh while keeping warm.

The style of this coat is already very loose, so you can learn from the “wide top and narrow bottom” matching rule when matching bottoms, try black slim trousers, so that you can create a relaxed and measured visual effect, in addition, sisters who are afraid of cold can learn from the style of bloggers and match scarves to keep warm well.

The second coat introduced to you is this black coat, this color is a classic among the classics, especially white, no matter what color, single product can be perfectly matched, so it can be said to be the most practical color, it is very thin, has a good modification effect on the figure, no matter how long it will not go out of style.

The blogger’s coat has a smooth silhouette and a neat cut, because it incorporates a cashmere texture, so the warmth performance is excellent, plus black itself is a very heat-absorbing color, of course, it can make you surround the warmth, it is the most suitable item for winter, and it is also friendly to some sisters with weak sense of dressing.

The blogger matched a white shirt as an underwear, so that it is very feminine, she unfastened the neckline by two, which helps to create a casual and lazy temperament, and will also form a visual impact with the black coat, greatly enhancing the overall sense of fashion, showing a breeze, and the bottom with a pair of gray straight pants is very in line with the overall style.

The third coat introduced to you is a simple and fashionable camel coat, which can be said to be a classic among the classics, and has gradually become a piece of clothing, camel is one of the most common in earth colors, the white effect naturally needless to say, there is no limit to age, whether it is a young girl or a middle-aged eyebrow can wear.

When you don’t know how to choose the underwear, you should learn from the “basic color matching rule”, choose black and white underwear will not wear the effect of stepping on the thunder and overturning, the blogger with white as the main color of the top and black straight pants, followed this rule, looks more refreshing and handsome.

The general coat will be equipped with a belt, because the length of the coat is relatively long, it is easy to see the waist, then you must learn to use the belt to strengthen, so that you can also show a good figure, it is recommended that the short eyebrows tie the belt in a higher place, so that you can shape the long legs and create the perfect body proportions.

Finally, I will introduce you to a navy blue short coat, this cashmere short coat is very practical, in terms of color matching, it is less black deep and heavy, more fashionable, especially white, the fit will also play a role in enhancing the waistline.

If you want to strengthen your beautiful and sassy temperament, it is recommended that you wear it with a pair of black boots, so that you can correct the leg shape well and play a good warmth effect.

The above is all the content of this issue of dressing explanation, if you learn in front of the screen, you may wish to try the same style, can make you show easy and advanced, but also keep warm well, why not?

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