Double 11 kitchen knife shopping guide, choosing the right kitchen knife can inspire your cooking

A handy kitchen knife in your hand makes you feel ready to compete with top chefs. Here to share a few kitchen knives that have a good sense of personal experience, friends in need can refer to it.

Deng Jia Dao 9 chrome clamp steel series

Every time I recommend kitchen knives, Deng family knives are indispensable, cost-effective and preferred. Deng Jia Dao began in 1898, a century-old brand. The high quality of Dengjia knives lies in the fact that each of his knives is made by traditional forging and beating process, tempered at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees, the steel density is more uniform and tight, the blade is hard and sharp, and the cutting of vegetables and meat is clean and durable.

Priority is his 9-chrome clamp steel knife, which is sharper and more durable than most kitchen knives. Even novices can easily cut out thick and even shredded potatoes. Clamp steel knives are much easier to sharpen than all-steel knives, sharpened once in two or three months, and can quickly recover sharpness, and family use is quite friendly.

User evaluation: Very sharp, is the effect I always wanted, but I don’t know how to maintain it! If you can grind it in January, it is definitely the first choice for the cost performance of all blade knives!

Deng Jia Dao 9 chrome clamp steel has a parity version and a high-end version, the affordable version of the steel is 9 chrome 15 molybdenum vanadium steel, Tmall daily price is 89 yuan, the same price of kitchen knives is really a conscientious product. The high-end version of the steel is 9 chromium 18 molybdenum vanadium steel, the sharpness is not much different, but the steel is tougher, not easy to break the edge, and at the same time will be more intimate in the details, Tmall daily price 168 yuan.

Double 11 discount is large, like friends pay attention in advance.

Shuangliren NOW S series medium blade knife

German Shuangli people, born in 1731 in the city of swords, Solingen, are famous for their unique steel formula and exquisite knife-making and craftsmanship. The kitchen knife of Shuangli people can basically be selected with closed eyes, and there will be no mistakes. Most of the steel of Shuangliren kitchen knife is made of 1.4116, which has a good balance of sharpness, toughness and durability, which is very suitable for household use. The feel of the double person is very good, and the seemingly ordinary kitchen knives are integrated into ergonomic design, allowing you to do more with half the effort when using it. The steel of the NOW S series is still the unique 1.4116 steel of Shuangliren, which has a good balance of sharpness, toughness and durability, which is very suitable for household use. The handle is made of PP and fits just in the palm of your hand. The color of the handle really loves it, giving the boring kitchen some more bright colors.

User evaluation: It’s so easy to use, cutting meat is as simple as cutting vegetables, I really regret buying late, so easy to use, why not buy early. Thumbs up

Tmall daily price 199 yuan, Double 11 event will have discounts, friends who like Shuangli people can pay attention in advance.

Eighteen sons as the Flying of the Sparrow, a seven-piece set of knives

The kitchen knife issued by New Oriental is eighteen sons. Eighteen Zizuo is a representative of China’s kitchen knife towards modernization, mechanization and large-scale production. The stability of steel and the detail control of kitchen knives are much higher than the quality of traditional hand knives. If you are a detail master, then Eighteen Sons is your first choice. This set of seven knives includes a slicer, a bone chopper, a multi-purpose knife, a fruit knife, scissors, a sharpening stick and a knife holder, and the cutting and matching work in the kitchen can be completed with a lot of worry. The knife holder itself stores all kinds of knives together, and the kitchen is neat and tidy, and does not take up much space. The full set of steel is 4 chrome 13 stainless steel, and all aspects of performance are completely sufficient for household use.

User evaluation: The eighteen kitchen knives that have been used, a well-known brand in China, are currently the first in China, and they are easy to look at and use.

The daily price of Tmall is 468 yuan, the pre-sale price of Double 11 is 418, and friends who like it can participate in the pre-sale to pay a deposit, which is more cost-effective than placing a direct order on Double 11.

Good knives are the key to opening food, everyone yearns for a good life of one vegetable and one meal, three meals and four seasons, deeds speak louder than words, soon Double 11, take advantage of the discount to quickly choose a good kitchen knife.

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