New waterproof cotton slippers, “stepping on” is imminent! Indulge in a light foot feel

As the saying goes: “Trees die first and their roots deplete first, and people age first”, which shows the importance of feet to our health. This is also an important basis in medicine, in the process of blood circulation, the feet can be said to be our second heart, when blood flows from the feet back to the heart, it needs enough pressure to ensure continuous smoothness.

Many people have correctly realized that the feet have an important impact on our body, and health activities such as foot massage are constantly being carried out. The purpose is to condition the acupuncture points of the feet and relieve the discomfort of the body.

Especially girls who work day and night in the workplace, stepping on high heels for a day, there is a lot of damage to the feet, not only fatigue but also a lot of health problems, for the sake of exquisite appearance and pay a lot of price.

The only moment to relax is when we go home and change out our slippers and let our feet be released. Today, I will recommend to you a fairy slippers full of “stepping on” – multi-functional waterproof cotton slippers, which provide the most comfortable space for our feet.

First of all, I would like to introduce you to the appearance and style of these slippers, which are designed in five colors, each of which is fresh and bright, full of warm atmosphere, and can be chosen according to your preferences. In addition, the overall shoes are full of fashion elements, high-grade and trendy, which is very in line with the aesthetics of contemporary young people.

One of the great features of this multifunctional waterproof slippers is that it is comfortable and feels like stepping on “”, thanks to the delicate and thick short plush inside. The special design determines its fluffy performance, and common slippers on the market cannot reach this level.

This interior design is not only an advantage of foot comfort,

The inner lining adopts a retractable design, and the slippers can be dragged out to dry and clean anytime, anywhere, ensuring safety and health on the basis of comfort. Easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria.

Comfort is not only because of the inside, this slippers are made of EVA material, and the sole is 3cm high. This is the root cause of the “feeling of stepping on”, stepping on it is like being in the clouds, relieving the fatigue of the whole day, and is a fairy good thing to relieve fatigue after work!

Because of the super high sole, you can usually go out to pick up the express delivery and take out the takeaway, you can travel freely without changing shoes. Don’t worry even if it rains, because not only the sole is high, the waterproof performance of this slippers is also magical, 360 ° waterproof, stain-resistant, even if directly rinsed with water will not wet the slippers.

This very simple solution to the problems of cotton slippers afraid of water and poor cleaning, to the greatest extent to provide our daily life with speed and convenience. Its anti-stain properties are very impressive, even if the oil drops on it, it can be completely removed with a wipe, ensuring that it is always clean.

With this multifunctional waterproof cotton slippers, give us the most intimate and safest protection of our feet, no matter how cold it is in winter, it is not enough to be afraid, no matter how hard the work can be relieved, are you not moved?

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