This year, these three “short T-shirts” are popular, the upper body looks thinner and taller, and the short man wears it better

The status of short sleeves in the summer, nothing can be shaken. Even so, the short sleeves are not blind


Sticking to the solid-state fit, only by making new attempts can we defend the status of short sleeves.

I don’t know if you remember the popular Bm wind from the previous paragraph? The so-called BM style is that many items are beginning to focus on short designs. Many are even as long as they can cover the chest, and they are characterized by exposing the waistline.


A lot of girls like it.

So this year’s T-shirt trend has become a short T-shirt similar to Bm-style, which is still a waist-open design, but as a national item with short sleeves, the short design does not make people feel too erotic.

As for how to match a short T-shirt, let’s take a look together!

“Short T-shirt” do these points well, do not step on the thunder!

Because it is a short design, in many places the details that can be applied to the regular model, short T-shirts are not suitable. Only by doing these points well can you avoid the problem of stepping on mines.

Detail 1: Color choices can be bold

The color choices of conventional short-sleeved summer are relatively single, and white and black are the most common colors. But short T-shirts in the choice of color, too simple color matching will look out of place. It is recommended to choose a color that is more conspicuous and personal.

Tie-dye or simple bright colors can be used as a basic color matching, even a strong color with a strong sense of color presence can be used in the color matching of short T-shirts.

Detail 2: The style design should be appropriate

The length of the short model already has a proper waist-opening detail, and if you design a hollowed-out or large neckline above the chest, it will inevitably be a bit tacky.

Just because it is a short design, it is best to show the skin in other parts with a small dew, and the small hollowing out of the V-neck chest position is some small and delicate, which does not affect the details of the temperament style.

The correct way to open the “short T-shirt”

Short T-shirts are higher than conventional styles whether they are in shape or matching, if the figure is not enough, they can only rely on matching to “make up”, the following three matching methods on short T-shirts, is now the hottest.

The sleek, smart lines of the trousers are just right for a soft and cropped T-shirt. The preferred fit for pants is a high-waisted fit, which raises the curve of the waist and does not give the phenomenon of disturbing the proportion of the body when paired with a short T-shirt.

Cropped T-shirts are not as difficult to wear as everyone thinks, and you can choose different pants to match according to your style.

Sporty hot and spicy wind

For the better hot girl style now, the best partner for the short T is the more neutral style cargo pants and sweatpants, so that the short T-shirt’s ordinary fit immediately becomes advanced. Sweatpants and cargo pants are also available in a certain width, which can contrast with the length and width of the short T.

#短T恤+ sweatpants

Sweatpants are recommended to try the style of corset feet, the loose nine length of the entire pants will be more obvious. At the same time, the high waist of the waist, coupled with a detail of the short T, the appropriate bare waist line, this way of subtly highlighting the figure, suitable for the vast majority of people’s figure, versatile and practical.

You can also choose to add a blazer to increase the layering of the overall look. The looser the fit of the blazer, the more fashionable it is to wear on the body, and the smaller girl is completely fine, but the more fashionable it will be.

#短T恤+ sports shorts

Although sports trousers are cool and handsome, the temperament of shorts is not bad at all, and even more cool and breathable. For the shape of shorts, it is recommended to try the A-line model, or the extremely loose pleated design, the effect of hiding meat is more excellent.

#短T恤+ cycling pants

Cycling pants used to be just to make cycling a sport, but now cycling pants are becoming more fashionable. With shorts T, the hem line is best cut loosely, and the top and bottom tightening is also a thin trick. But for this kind of pants with high requirements for leg shape, unless you have superior leg shape, don’t try it easily.

Temperament is simple style

Can you try the temperamental style of wearing the short T? The answer is definitely for the question. And the short T looks more fashionable than the long one, and for some small girls, the short T is their summer salvation.

Simple style, as the name suggests “simple”.


It is the basic short T, but you can make some changes to the degree of looseness, choose a slightly modified fit instead of a tight design, give yourself more empty circulation on the line, and look thin without being too depressed.

Just increasing the area of your bare waist is also a little trick that can be fashionable up. The waist line must be beautiful enough, which is the requirement of ultra-short open waist T; Or a loose knot in the original hem position!


For the color can not blindly adhere to simplicity, but at the same time the color is not simply too beautiful, after all, it is to highlight the simple temperament.

In addition to the unchanged black, white and blue for thousands of years, some gray-blue or indifferent colors are also the best choice for simple style, not too much to wear but also enough exquisite and elegant.


Short T with a blazer is the most basic simple style of wearing, and it is also more suitable for women who work hard in the workplace, sexy at the same time

Enough again

Professional. Composed of a cropped open waist and a long blazer, the matching details of the short inside and the outer length.

The suit is dull and single, paired with a short T layer in opposing light colors, which is open to highlight the smooth lines. Get rid of monotonous sexy strong female temperament.

The blazer and short T are used to maintain consistency in color, creating a visual experience of the same color system. The wearing method of the same color is considered to be a high-end texture, and the high-grade style of simple style can also be possessed.

Elegant femininity

When it comes to femininity, you have to mention skirts, and skirts can be said to have not lost at all in the embodiment of femininity. With a short T, it is also elegant and intellectual.


The satin skirt has a glossy texture that must be good. Even the short T does not affect the highlight of the overall temperament at all, and even the simple shape of the short T makes the overall match more lazy and casual temperament.


Printed skirt, broken flowers style summer must-have, broken flowers rich in femininity will not be too greasy, color matching consistency or contrast are fashionable texture;

Animal print prints are really unmanageable by ordinary people, leopard print or cow print light snake print, relatively simple and easy to wear, pure white T-shirt can be.

Try a short T-shirt this summer, look tall and thin.

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