The “sweater dress” in winter, with its own gentle attributes, the upper body is high-class, and it is really a must-have

In the cold winter, what can bring us warmth is not only soft and fluffy down jackets, but also a variety of comfortable and warm underwear. As the warmest underwear in autumn and winter, the sweater skirt has its own gentle attributes, and the upper body is high-class. How can a beautiful and gentle sweater dress be fashionable and gentle?

From the style selection of sweaters and skirts to the matching skills of sweaters and skirts, they are all summarized for everyone. A gentle and temperamental sweater dress, but a must-have item for everyone in autumn and winter. Girls who love beauty, let’s take a look at how sweater dresses are chosen and matched.

Even if you don’t understand the matching of sweaters and dresses, it doesn’t matter, after all, there are so many fashion bloggers who have long explored for us how to wear sweater dresses more gentle and fashionable.

Choice of sweater skirts

Like all pieces, sweater dresses come in many styles. How to choose the style, color, and detail matching of sweater skirts, or more reference to your own style temperament, body shape, wearing occasions, matching habits and other factors.

01. Loose sweater skirt

As the name suggests, it is a sweater dress with a relatively loose fit. This loose fit, lazy and gentle, more inclusive, does not have any beauty for the body. Especially pear-shaped figures, or slightly fat girls, as well as women with fat on the abdomen, can use loose sweater skirts to cover their lack of size.

The combination of loose sweaters is also very simple, combining naked boots or boots, easily concave the ladylike style, literary and lazy. If it is a girl who is afraid of cold, it is right to wear a combination bare-legged artifact. Girls with some plump upper body can also use the belt to outline the waist line, showing height and thinness while being more fashionable and delicate.

02. Tight sweater skirt

Since the sweater skirt has a loose version, there is bound to be a tight version. The tight model is not as casual and lazy as the loose model, and the requirements for body shape will be more stringent, which is more suitable for girls with a relatively slender body and a tall and slender body.

If you are a tall and slender girl, a tight sweater skirt can amplify your body shape, only need to match a pair of anxile boots, you can concave a slender and attractive waist, the proportion of the body is more straight, and the curves are more perfect.

03. Sweater and skirt set

The emergence of sweater skirt sets meets the needs of girls of different sizes. Even if you are not so tall and slender, you can make choices with more peace of mind. Because of the sweater skirt set, it can better concave the layering and cover the small flesh of the abdomen.

Sweater and skirt sets are all made of sweaters and skirts, so the contrast of the layers is still very obvious, lazy and casual but not sloppy. In particular, the straight knitted skirt is more friendly to girls with pear-shaped bodies, and the slimming effect is also very good.

Matching sweater dresses

Knowing how to choose a sweater skirt, the next step is the matching skills of sweater dress. In the autumn and winter season, sweater skirts appear more in the form of underwear, so the matching of coats is even more important.

01. Sweater skirt + short jacket

The combination of sweater skirt and short jacket jacket is a classic way of matching the outer short and the inner length, which is more obvious and is particularly friendly to small girls. Short coats can choose suits, jackets, lamb wool coats, using the style of mixed and matched, presenting an intellectual and high-class royal sister fan.

When we choose a short coat, it is recommended to wear it with a jacket with a certain degree of recognition. That is, the jacket needs to have its own style characteristics, after all, the sweater skirt is gentle and generous, and only the short jacket with obvious combination style temperament will be more eye-catching.

02. Sweater skirt + long coat/down jacket

The warmth in winter depends not only on the sweater skirt inside, but also on the coat or down jacket with the effect of wind and warmth. Therefore, even the matching of sweaters and skirts is indispensable for the combination of long coats and down jackets. The combination of sweater skirt and long coat down jacket is a very imposing matching formula.

If we want the royal sister to wear a full outfit, we only need to combine a pair of ankle-length boots to create an intellectual and cold aura, which is also a very classic outfit. If the calves are not thin enough or straight, you can increase the length of the sweater skirt or the hem of the coat.

03. Sweater skirt + turtleneck shirt/knitwear

Layered shapes are more common in the autumn and winter seasons. If you think it’s too tedious to wear a sweater dress, then using layering is definitely a more fashionable look. This combination of 1+1>2 will make your outfit more fashionable.

When we choose to layer sweater skirts with turtleneck shirts or knitwear, we need to ensure that the sweater skirt must have the appropriate looseness to create a clear sense of layering, will not look bloated and monotonous, and double your fashionability.

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