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1, Levi’s Levi’s

Started in the United States in 1853, the world-renowned denim brand, the unique red flag logo is the characteristic of Levi’s, 501 jeans is its classic style It is often said that the most popular and often the most outdated, but Lev’s has created an ageless legend. From the birth of the first pair of jeans in 1853, the world has experienced 150 years of turmoil, and Levi.s has interpreted the myth of the ox king for 150 years. As jeans became a fashion icon around the world, and as denim culture evolved, Levs maintained its original spirit and courage and is still recognized as a world-renowned denim brand.

IN 1853, LEVI STRAUSS FOUNDED LEVI STRAUSS & CO (LS&CO) IN SAN FRANCISCO, DURING THE GOLD RUSH, AND IN 1873, HE AND JACOB DAVIS OF RENO CITY, NEVADA, SUCCESSFULLY PATENTED THE USE OF COPPER RIVETS ON MEN’S WORK TROUSERS, AND THE FIRST BLUE JEANS WERE BORN. LS&CO was founded in 1890 because the double horsehide label in 1886 confirmed the durability of the stud garment. Among all the products, one of the buttoned jeans called WAIS OVERALLS was assigned to size 501, which is the classic jeans Levs 501 jeans. For 150 years, Levs has maintained the traditional LEVI STRAUSS design, while creating an international brand suitable for all ages in line with trends and needs. They provide customers with comprehensive service while taking their jeans to the world.


Originating from the denim legend of 1889, synonymous with classic fashion jeans, the invention of the world’s first pair of zippered jeans in 1926 promoted the evolution of jeans from utility to fashion Since Henry David Lee founded H.D. in 1889. Since the beginning of Lee Mercantile, Lee has been destined to be a legendary brand that made history. From the launch of the protective Lee Bib Overall strappy cargo pants; to the classic 101 series made with 13 ounces of heavy denim; To the Edison Awards, the bronze winner of the Edison Awards, Lee has been innovating and changing for 130 years.

The action does not stop, this is Lee.


The brand of the international fashion company BESTSELLER, fast fashion women’s wear brand, began in Denmark in 1995, engaged in fashion design, development, retail and brand promotion, came to China in 1996 ONLY belongs to the well-known international fashion company BESTSELLER in Denmark. Engaged in fashion design, development, retail and branding. THE BESTSELLER GROUP WAS FOUNDED IN 1975. ONLY was founded in Denmark in 1995 and has since expanded its sales network to 46 countries around the world. Since its inception, the Group has sold more than 2,000 concept stores and more than 6,000 branded fashion retail stores.

The main markets include Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Canada, the United Kingdom and other European and American countries. Bestseller’s designers are all over Europe and are always at the forefront of world trends, creating super fashion concepts for young people in the metropolis.


Founded in 1987, Danish fashion group BESTSELLER’s well-known women’s clothing brand, focusing on creating modern and elegant exquisite fashion for modern women over 25 years old who are independent and confident VERO MODA is designed for women over 25 years old with super self-awareness and independence. Age is no longer sensitive because VERO MODA women have a unique sensibility for fashion. Whether in the workplace or at a casual party, they are always a beautiful group, interpreting the sexy, open or distracted urban style with their casualness and elegance.


Founded in 1996, positioned as a young consumer group aged 20-30, a well-known domestic fashion clothing group, its subsidiaries include Peacebird, Rakucho, Mini Peace children’s clothing, material girl women’s clothing, Beitian children’s clothing, Peacebird’s Nest home and other brands “Peacebird” is “fashionable, dynamic, Asian” as the style. With excellent design concept, fashionable design style, keen fashion capture and the affectionate endorsement of international supermodels, the unique charm of the brand is presented in interpretation after interpretation. Stylish, dynamic and full of Asian style, the products are loved by urban groups who are constantly looking for a new image. “Live my brilliance” is the essence of the Peacebird brand. The brand focuses on providing high-quality, affordable, rich and diversified fashion products, improving consumers’ fashion selectivity, so that every customer can enjoy the fun of fashion!

6, Yiyang ESEY

A women’s pants brand that condenses fashion and classics, committed to providing elegant and exquisite, beautiful and comfortable clothing for modern women aged 25-45, and a modern women’s pants enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and marketing “Yiyang” brand is one of the subordinate brands of Zhengzhou Genting Garment Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2001, Zhengzhou Genting Garment Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R & D and design, manufacturing, marketing, brand building and promotion of brand clothing. Professional and intensive cultivation for 19 years, committed to providing elegant and delicate, beautiful and comfortable clothing for modern women aged 25-45. The products have their own creativity, and at the same time inject a variety of popular elements, which can meet the clothing needs of modern women on different occasions and the taste and pursuit of high-quality life, add novelty and style to life, and are deeply sought after by modern women.

7, Semir Semir

Founded in 1996, focusing on college students aged 18-35 and young wage earners, positioning the public’s daily life style of affordable fast fashion clothing brand, adult casual wear and children’s clothing as the leading product brand Semir brand was founded in 1996, positioning the mass daily life style brand, providing high-quality, high-value, affinity products and services for college students aged 18-35 and young wage earners. Semir is good at discovering and creating “texture in daily life”, providing a variety of categories and styles of one-stop product and service experience to meet the needs of people of different ages and social identities in a variety of daily occasions, so that everyone can easily have a quality of life. Semir believes that a textured life is not out of reach, but depends on what kind of daily life you have, as long as you feel it attentively, you can “give life a little more”, so as to have your own “quality in daily life”.

8, Tonlion

Boyang Group’s well-known clothing brand, a trendy fashion clothing brand for young trendy people, specializing in fabrics, home textiles, clothing manufacturing, trade as one of the large-scale group enterprises Tangshi clothing belongs to Boyang Group, the group is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, is one of the leading brands in the group’s clothing department, the group was established in 1994, mainly engaged in fabrics, home textiles, clothing and other manufacturing and trade. In 1994, after reintegrating the branches, the enterprise began to transform the shareholding system and began the road of independent brand management.

9. Handu Clothes House

Founded in 2008, a representative brand of domestic Internet fast fashion, a trendy clothing brand popular in Korean style Handu Clothing House was founded in 2008, focusing on young fashion women’s clothing brands; Leading the sales of the whole network for 7 consecutive years. Handu Clothing House has become recognized by young consumer women with the characteristics of nearly 30,000 new models launched every year and an average of nearly 100 new models per day. Handu clothing house is favored by many stars. In 2014, he was invested by Star VC founded by Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming and Ren Quan. Since the same year, South Korea’s “national goddess” Jun Ji-hyun, the new generation of “Asian goddess” Park Shin-hye, as well as Korean powerful star Ji Chang Wook and senior star Yoon Hae-young, have successively become the brand spokesperson or image ambassador of Handu Clothing House. On August 17, 2020, Handu Clothing House officially announced: Fashion Director of Cheng Handu Clothing House, a well-known Korean artist.

10. M. SUYA

Founded in 1993, with intellectual women between the ages of 25-45 as the main service object, committed to the design, production and sales of women’s pants Zhengzhou Lingxiu Mengshuya Clothing Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou linesoul fashion co., ltd.) was founded in 1993, is a large-scale women’s pants group integrating technology research and development, manufacturing, marketing and brand operation of women’s pants products. Zhengzhou Lingxiu Mengshuya Garment Co., Ltd. owns Zhengzhou Lingxiu Garment Industrial Park and Xiping Lingxiu Garment Internet of Things Industrial Park. After nearly 24 years of development, Lingxiu clothing has sat on the modern Lingxiu New Industrial Park. Lingxiu Industrial Park covers an area of 178 acres, with a planned total construction area of 130,000 square meters. Lingxiu clothing has also established a design and research and development center, on the basis of pursuing the ultimate beauty of women’s pants shape, injecting women’s pants with a spiritual oriental charm beauty, lingxiu clothing pays attention to the beauty of women’s pants, is a women’s pants enterprise that puts forward the concept of women’s pants aesthetic art.

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