9 home goodies that win by details, pick 100 times, I will still choose them

The 9 home goodies shared today have two things in common:

One is that it can really solve the pain points of the home, which most families can use; Second, the detail design is very in place, making people more and more comfortable, or even completely inseparable;

The direct feeling that many people have used is that if they pick 100 times, they will still choose them~

1. Layered dirty clothes basket

In the past, I used to use that kind of separate dirty clothes basket, the whole family’s old and young clothes, as long as they were dirty, all stuffed in.

To be honest, sometimes, the heart is quite responsive, but there is no suitable way to solve it, after all, the laundry area space is so small, it is not allowed to put several baskets.

Later, I found this layered dirty laundry basket, which felt tailor-made for me, it was divided into several layers, which allowed the clothes to be sorted and not take up space.

Each layer of the basket can also be taken down, when cleaning the baby’s clothes alone, just take the upper basket away, if the basket is full to be cleaned, you can push it away whole, because its bottom is with pulleys, which is very convenient.

My home is placed in the bathroom, if there is a suitable space in the balcony laundry area, it can also be placed here, and the laundry is more convenient.

Whether it is two or three layers, there is a flat shelf on the top, which is convenient for putting some detergents, sundries, etc., and the details are quite in place.

In addition to being used as a dirty clothes basket, it is also suitable for use in the study or baby’s room, and it is also suitable for ordinary shelves, the height is moderate, and it is convenient for the baby to take things.

2. Sub-clean hanger

Like an upgrade of the dirty clothes basket, but not the same, this one is more suitable for use in the bedroom as a floor hanger.

The top can hang clothes, the bottom is also a dirty clothes basket, can be used as a dirty clothes basket, can also store poor hanging, need to be stacked pants, undershirts and other sub-clean clothes, the purpose is not to let the clothes taken off in the bedroom, thrown everywhere.

In order to make it more comfortable to use, the designers also did a lot of detailing.

For example, the hanging area above is protruding like two cat ears, which is mainly to prevent the clothes from falling when hanging.

The bottom also has pulleys, so that it can be easily moved when cleaning.

Moreover, the basket below can also be taken down, if it is used as a dirty clothes basket, it can be taken directly to the laundry area, saving you the embarrassment of hugging around.

Another important point is that this hanger is relatively narrow, about 44cm wide, even if the bedroom is relatively small, it can be easily put down.

3. C-shaped large ring hanger

This year’s favorite hanger, there is no one!

The reason for loving it is very simple, the appearance is acceptable, although it is not very stunning, but compared with those with a strong sense of plastic, flowers and greens, it is really much stronger, I entered two waves, a total of 50.

Then there is the details, which is really good to boast!

The hanging ring is a large C-shaped ring, the texture is very good, and it is very stable to hang up, even if the clothes are hung a lot, you will not worry about touching the clothes next to it.

Then there is this non-slip detail, the surface of the hanger is raised with small particles, hanging winter men’s coats, or this super slippery silk pajamas, will not fall off at all.

Let’s put it this way, when I used to use that kind of ordinary quality hanger, when I opened the cabinet door, several clothes often fell off, and after using this hanger, this problem has never occurred.

There are more shirts at home, the most afraid is that the general’s shoulder will appear if it is hung for a long time, and the curved design of this hanger is very reasonable, and the general’s shoulder will not appear no matter how long it hangs.

Moreover, there are raised hook designs on both sides of the hanger, which can hang pants, suspenders and the like, in short, it is no exaggeration to say that it is the best of all the hangers I have used, and I really recommend buying it home and trying.

4. Tall trash can

To tell the truth, the first time I bought it, it was purely for the sake of appearance, but I didn’t expect that I was also moved by its details in the later stage.

Because it is tall, first of all, it looks relatively light, there is no sense of bulkiness, and then it will be cleaner, unlike the kind of solid floor-to-ceiling barrel, which is easy to leave a mark on the ground, and the hygiene is easy to clean.

Of course, this is all superficial feeling, and most importantly, it actually uses the process to bring about differentiation from other trash cans.

One is that the height is relatively moderate, about 36 cm, which is not much shorter than the height of the sofa and toilet more than forty centimeters, so it is more convenient to put it on the side of the sofa and the side of the toilet, throwing garbage, and does not need to work hard to reach it, nor will it be thrown outside.

Moreover, in order to maintain its appearance, the barrel is also designed with a pressing ring, which can perfectly jam the garbage bag inside, not exposed, and visually more beautiful.

Although it looks woody, it actually uses wood grain heat transfer technology, the essence is still PP+ABS material, waterproof, no deformation, and it is OK to use it in a humid bathroom.

Placed at home, it is not only a trash can, but also an ornament that upgrades the decoration level.

5. Sort the garbage can

Usually busy at work, the family is mainly the old mother is helping to cook, several times when I saw her throw garbage and pick vegetables, she squatted there, and occasionally shouted dizziness, which was why I got such a garbage can.

At that time, the main figure was that it was about 84cm high, just at the waist of an adult, so that when the mother threw garbage and picked vegetables, she didn’t have to bend over.

The more I use it in the later stage, the more I am impressed by its details, the upper layer is separated from dry and wet, and when throwing kitchen waste, it is conveniently sorted, which is very convenient.

The middle layer is also designed with a cassette, where small items such as garbage bags and paring knives are placed in it.

Below are separate trash cans, detachable, plastic bottles that every time the mother is reluctant to throw away, they are stored in it, and they are everywhere in the house that will not be thrown away.

Even the lowest garbage cans are designed to step on the lid open, no need to bend over, really do the ultimate, not only the elderly, there are pregnant women at home, it is also very suitable.

The only thing is that it is large, but because it occupies vertical space, if there is such a free space in the kitchen, you can consider taking it home.

6. Metering rice bucket

Before I encountered this metering rice bucket, my family has been using a rice jar, although it is not much difficult to use, but I am afraid of comparison, with a better one, it is naturally difficult to go back.

The function of the rice jar is to store the rice, and the metering rice bucket is different, closer to our daily habits of eating rice, and more refined.

The rice is not scooped with a spoon, but pressed and quantified, depending on the size of the rice bucket, 75g or 150g at a time, so the advantage is that even if you cook by raw hands, you can control the amount of rice well.

In the past, rice jars were used to add new rice after the rice was completely eaten, and this does not exist, and the funnel-type rice box can add new rice at any time without accumulating aged rice.

Observe the amount of rice, do not need to open the lid to see, the outside of the transparent scale display is clear, moreover, the rice bucket and the box are also split, can be removed and cleaned, sanitation is much more convenient.

The small rice bucket takes into account the daily use scenarios


It’s not simple.

7. Invisible clothesline

If you don’t have a balcony at home, you can’t make a clothes rail, or you buy a dryer and don’t want to occupy the balcony to make a drying area, you can consider installing this invisible clothesline.

When it is pulled open, it can reach more than four meters long, bearing about 40 pounds, and it is enough to dry the family’s clothes, quilts, etc.

In order to prevent clothes from gathering in the middle when drying, hanger eyelets are also designed on the rope, so you are not afraid of blowing the wind outside.

In the past, the wire rope invisible hanger, after use, retracted very quickly, accidentally scratched the hand, and this clothesline is slowly retracted, there is no safety hazard.

After the rope is retracted, the fixture can also be folded against the wall, which is not eye-catching and has better aesthetics.

If the wall is relatively strong, just paste it directly to install it, no punching, uneven, with traces of falling off the wall, or use screws to punch holes is more assured.

8. Folding steam iron

Presumably, many people, like me, wanted to buy a garment ironer, but they were finally dissuaded because they occupied too much space.

This mini folding steam iron, which is my recent discovery, is not only small, but also looks online, and when not in use, it is stored in a drawer, and it does not take up space at all.

Moreover, it combines the dual advantages of the old-fashioned iron and the garment iron, which can be hung hot steam ironing, or placed on the flat surface dry ironing / steam ironing, solving the problem that the vertical use of the garment ironing machine is not enough, and the old-fashioned iron can only be dry ironed.

Compared to the handheld iron of the garment ironer, it has a larger ironing surface, so the ironing is fast and flat.

In addition, the beauty tip in front is really very detailed, and you can touch the very detailed places such as suits and coat buttons, which is a great boon for the details control of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The most common thing to hear with an iron in the past is that ironing clothes burns a hole, and this folding steam iron, after more than 10 minutes without operation, will automatically cut off the power, and the safety is very high.

The whole design has won patent awards, a well-known Korean brand, really easy to use.

9. Double opening oil jug

This oil pot is made of double opening, the black lid on it, is a small opening, the amount of oil output is small, daily mixing and stir-frying can be very good

Control usage.

And the whole plug, after pulling it off, is a large opening, mixing dumpling filling, when it needs to be cleaned, it will be more convenient.

It can be said that an oil pot meets the two uses of daily cooking.

Please enter a description

This is not the end, its cap is double-layered design, no oil is hung when pouring oil, even if there is oil leakage in the inner layer, it will flow back into the bottle from the gap in the middle, saving fuel and not staining the bottle.

Moreover, the material is environmentally friendly and safe, the cap is stainless steel and silicone, the bottle body is made of glass, and every detail is considered so well in place of the oil pot, it is really rare.


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