Zero smoke and low fat, can also BBQ at home – Emmett light smoke smokeless barbecue EG02 review

Autumn and winter are good time for barbecue. But the problem of “skewering for a while, making a tummy afterwards” has always been common. In particular, the barbecue at the roadside stalls may seem tempting and lively, but there are various hygiene risks: the meat is not fresh, not fully roasted or accidentally burned, and the smoke that comes out will not only choke people, but also leave a barbecue smell that will not go away.

Want to eat a barbecue beautifully, okay? Recommend you a healthy good thing – Emmett smokeless barbecue EG02, no oil smoke, reduce greasy, let you eat healthy, eat elegantly, away from smoky and feel the beauty of life comfortably. If you don’t want to go out in the cold wind in autumn and winter, you can also BBQ at home, easily achieve barbecue freedom, and enjoy delicious food.

As a fashion trend product that improves the quality of life, Emmett smokeless barbecue EG02 not only has the technical strength of smoke control and fat control, but also has a fresh appearance of “adding color to life and adding points to happiness”, which adopts a Japanese minimalist design full of light luxury texture, comfortable and natural, and feels particularly beautiful when standing at will. In terms of operation, it is simple and convenient, light and practical, allowing you to say goodbye to panic and cook easily, whether it is a single aristocrat, a two-person world, or a small gathering party of relatives and friends. A mouth-watering barbecue meal can enhance the happiness of the meal and make it easier to create a lively and joyful gathering atmosphere.

Smoke control: built-in fan, condensation filtration, smokeless barbecue is healthier

Large oil smoke is the first major pain point of traditional barbecue, which not only endangers human health, but also greatly affects the free conversation between friends. Imagine how disheartening it is when you’re eating a barbecue and chatting about it, when a puff of smoke suddenly comes to your face. Not to mention the impact on the mood, if the face is blown greasy and the makeup is spent, it is really very embarrassing.

Solving the problem of oil fumes is not an easy task. Therefore, many barbecues, simply choose to be outdoors, and if it is an indoor Korean barbecue restaurant, it is equipped with a large smoke exhaust system on the top, which is not only noisy, but also very obstructive.

That seemingly small barbecue machine, how to solve the big problem of oil smoke suction and exhaust?

Emmett smokeless meat grill EG02 has two skills, two prongs to solve the problem of oil smoke. First, the built-in powerful blower, which is equivalent to adding a small range hood to the baking tray, using a powerful 3D ring to suck the core, instantly absorbing the smoke released by high-temperature frying; At the same time, the cold water pan is placed under the principle of water cooling filtration to condense the settled oil smoke.

Smoking effect

The smoking ports of the Emmett smokeless barbecue EG02 are close to the sides of the baking tray, and it can be seen that after turning on the “smoke extract” button, the oil smoke is quietly sucked away before it rises, and the baking tray adopts a sunken design to avoid hot hands during the grilling process.

And considering the overall aesthetics of the product, the baking tray, smoking opening, water box and touch buttons of the Emmett smokeless meat grill EG02 are all hidden design, which perfectly integrates with the product and is not obtrusive at all.

In addition, the non-stick material of the baking tray itself also ensures less oil smoke in the grill. Next, let’s make a kebab and actually test the smokeless effect of Emmett smokeless meat grill EG02, keep your eyes open and take a closer look!

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Before grilling, preheat first. After booting, touch the “temperature” key, the machine will automatically preheat with the default “2nd gear, 120 °C”, after preheating for about 4-5 minutes, directly put the skewers in the frozen state into the baking tray, and adjust the temperature to the highest grade of 210 °C, touch the “smoke” button, you can bake. It is clear in the video that at high temperatures, the skewers thaw quickly, and no rising fumes are seen throughout.

After about 10-15 minutes, the barbecue is completed, adjusted to 70 °C, and entered the insulation state. The taste of the skewers will be greatly reduced when they are cold, and after heating at a constant temperature of 70°C, you can chat freely and no longer have to worry about cooling. And it’s hot but not hot, so you can enjoy it at any time. Of course, if you are afraid of chatting too much and forget the barbecue time, you can also use the “timing” function. Set a 15-minute grill time in advance, and the heating will automatically stop when it’s over, so you don’t have to worry about overcooking again.

If the skewers or steaks bought back from the supermarket are frozen, they can be grilled directly without thawing, which effectively avoids the breeding of bacteria and ensures the safety and hygiene of ingredients.

In the high-temperature baking process, the heat is mainly concentrated on the baking sheet, the temperature of the control panel is only 32.5 °C, the use of safety isolation material, can be safely touched by hand, the fuselage around is also very safe, can be touched at will, will not burn hands.

It is worth mentioning that after baking, the baking sheet has no signs of stickiness at all and is very easy to clean. Moreover, not a drop of oil has been added during the roasting process, and the skewers are very low-fat and healthy, so they can be enjoyed happily.

Easy to add water

In addition, it should be reminded that in order to better smoke exhaust effect, before use, the water box must be extracted and an appropriate amount of water must be poured to filter the oil smoke generated by the condensation and barbecue process.

Fat control: no stick baking tray, drainage hole groove, light fat less oil and no fat

Greasy is the second pain point of barbecue. On the one hand, the meat itself has a high fat content, on the other hand, a lot of oil is brushed during the roasting process. Nowadays, under the trend of healthy life, more people have begun to prefer low-fat and low-oil food.

How to make it delicious without gaining weight? Special baking tray of Emmett smokeless rotisserie EG02, adopts

Fat control

The drain hole design, the excess grease from frying will gather along the special texture of the “oil collection groove” on the surface of the baking tray into the “drain hole” in the center, thereby greatly reducing the greasy feeling of food.

On the other hand, the baking sheet material is also very particular. It adopts food-grade nano environmentally friendly ceramic glaze, which is not only resistant to corrosion, wear resistance, high temperature, but also non-sticky and can minimize oil use. Tested with a common fried egg, it doesn’t stick to the pan at all.

Drainage effect

For the draining effect, we test it with roasted bacon with a large amount of oil. It can be clearly seen that the grease that keeps coming out of the bacon during roasting flows down the oil collection groove and into the drain hole.

Cleaning of residual oil or residues

After baking, if there is residue or residual oil on the baking sheet, there is no need to pour it out effortlessly, just sweep it with an oil brush until the drain hole, and then continue to bake other foods, which is very worry-free and convenient.

Withdrawing the water tray, visible grease and residue can be seen, and after water cooling, it will not adhere to the plate, which is more convenient for subsequent cleaning. It is worth mentioning that the water tray itself is also a special material that does not stick to oil.

Temperature control: simple and easy to use, cooking novices can become masters

As a barbecue machine, whether the heating is rapid, whether the temperature control is accurate, and whether the heating is uniform are the necessary professional qualities. Emmett smokeless barbecue EG02 has 5 stages of precise temperature control, 70°C heat preservation, 120°C low temperature slow frying, 150°C medium temperature fresh locking, 180°C fancy fancy frying, 210°C high temperature quick heating, to meet the cooking needs of different ingredients.


The temperature can be switched freely, and during the roasting process, different temperatures and heat can be adjusted at any time according to the status of the ingredients.

The smoke extraction function is also one-click direct, and there is also a timer function, so you don’t need to watch after setting the cooking time. Touch-based operation interface, more simple and refreshing, and there are no gaps, and the leaky oil stains are wiped clean.

After removing the baking tray, you can see the heating tube design inside, which adopts a double U-shaped design and covers the entire bottom of the baking tray in a large area, which can achieve uniform heat transfer. And the bottom of the baking tray is also very particular, using a special double U-shaped circuit, and the heating tube seamless fit, greatly reducing the heat loss in the space during heat conduction and accelerating the heating efficiency.

Quickly baked

Use the more common “bacon” in Western breakfast as a test, under the high temperature of 210 ° C, the bacon under refrigeration, as soon as it is put into the baking tray, it will quickly deform, and then turn over, it is basically fried, the efficiency is very high, the whole process takes less than a minute, the fragrant Kuaishou breakfast is baked!

Easy to clean

The final cleaning link is not very cumbersome. Emmett smokeless meat grill EG02 accessories are very simple, the baking tray and water tray can be easily removed, rinsed with clean water and dried, or washed in the dishwasher for more worry-free. The white body is not afraid of dirt, and if the sauce is accidentally dripped, it can be as clean as ever with a simple wipe.

Review summary: If you are a carnivore without meat, if you are a healthy person on a low-fat diet, if you want to add some ingredients to three meals a day… It is worth buying an Emmett smokeless barbecue EG02, smokeless cooking, low fat and less oil, allowing you to eat meat without burden, even if you are at home, you can barbecue and enjoy the infinite fun of life. (with foam, popularity)

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