Recent photos of Ma Yili’s eldest daughter exposed! Participating in Latin competitions with excellent dancing posture, facial features more like daddy articles

Ma Yili’s article of this marriage also officially ended not long ago, in fact, as early as after the article cheating incident, the couple’s relationship has already rifted, and now finally chose to divorce, the two people belong to a peaceful breakup, even if they are divorced, the article and Ma Yili are still good friends, the relationship is still very harmonious, and the two will take care of the two daughters together, so although the parents are divorced, the two daughters have not been greatly affected, and still live in a very loving family.

The article and Ma Yili are also carefully cultivated for the two daughters, the eldest daughter Wen Junzhu has been learning Latin dance since she was a child, very talented in art, and often participates in various large and small dance competitions, basically every time the daughter Wen Junzhu participates in the competition, you can see the figure accompanied by the father’s article, and the daughter is also very loving, this time the eldest daughter Wen Junzhu participated in the Latin dance competition, and the mother Ma Yili accompanied the whole process, after all, it is the identity of a star, Ma Yili dresses up very low-key.

Ma Yili is still a classic short hair style, she is a rare female star who is particularly suitable for short hair, refreshing and capable and feminine, Ma Yili’s dressing style in life is still very simple, has never been particularly exaggerated, especially this time to accompany her daughter to participate in the competition, but also dressed low-key, to avoid being recognized by people around, Ma Yili chose a baby pink short sweatshirt, the lower body with light gray sweatpants, and also chose a beret with the same color as the sweatshirt, which looks very age-reduced.

Mom and dad have high appearance, the daughter is naturally not bad, the article and Ma Yili’s eldest daughter Wen Junzhu is also particularly high, the facial features combine the advantages of mom and dad, but it is still more similar to the dad article, born in 2008 Wen Junzhu is now 13 years old, very tall, and because he has practiced dance since childhood, his posture is also light and temperamental, and he will definitely be a big beauty when he grows up in the future~

Only 13-year-old Wen Junzhu is already very tall, in the photo she is wearing a bright pink Latin dance dress, dancing can see Wen Junzhu’s slender and straight beautiful legs, and because of years of dance practice, slender and powerful muscle lines, healthy and beautiful, only 13 years old body has developed perfectly, the little girl is really promising in the future.

In fact, the young Wen Junzhu has danced very professionally, but because of his mediocre talent and no natural dancing talent, this time in the dance competition, Wen Junzhu only won the sixth place, it seems that he still needs to continue to work hard~

The article and Ma Yili have always protected the two daughters very well, never exposed their daughters in front of the camera, even if they appear at the airport, Ma Yili will cover the faces of their daughters, Ma Yili and the two daughters of the article are very good-looking, but the dressing style is influenced by the mother Ma Yili, are all kinds of “mixed and matched styles”, and it can even be said that there is not much collocation to speak of~

In the photo, the eldest daughter Wen Junzhu is wearing a very casual outfit, it seems to be a random match, the upper body is wearing a dark brown tweed coat, this color and style, for Wen Junzhu, a girl who is only 12 years old, is really a little too old, completely out of line with her age, the lower body is matched with a pair of baby pink straight jeans, the color and coat are very inconsistent, the originally beautiful and cute girl is really dragged down by the clothing.

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