Erke worse than the elegant birds, and why users are more willing to support Erke?

In recent days Erke sold burst, there have been stock crisis, the factory workers sewing machine has been kicking smoke! This occurs scene for a business, it is really gratifying scene.

According to Jingdong data show that sales of goods Erke July 23 soared 52 times, while the influx of sports brand in the country 22, 23, sales increased by only 2.8 times. Erke has become the main force of overall sales rose.

But in this era of excess merchandise, someone to sell explosive someone dismal business.

Among the list of contributions, elegant birds also deserve attention, because the status quo elegant birds may be even worse than Erke.

According to publicly available data, Erke and elegant birds 2020 revenues were 2.843 billion yuan, 1.188 billion yuan, net profit was -2.2 million and -3.8 million.

Whether revenue or net profit, elegant birds are more vulnerable.

Let’s look at past performance, and elegant birds 2018 – net profit in 2020 were -6.94 billion yuan -10.96 million and -3.8 million, just three years, elegant birds deficit by 21.7 billion yuan, close to matching underpants are light loss a.

At the time of the donation, elegant birds Howard donated 40 million yuan, of which 20 million in cash, 20 million for the supplies.

Only from the performance point of view, elegant birds of generosity is not lost Erke, sold out why things can occur between the live Erke, and elegant birds did not it?

Because users mostly just verbal support elegant birds, but did not put into action. After a summary of the comments of thousands of users, we found that there are four reasons:

First, Erke is the users who first made a star brand

. Erke’s popularity is entirely the result of pushing users. At 17:45 on July 21, Erke low-key official microblogging announced a donation of 50 million messages.


It stands to reason, 50 million donation is not very prominent, because many Internet giants donations are one hundred million yuan level. Why are users willing to help Erke promotion?

Because Erke either have closed down in many people’s minds, either approaching collapse, is one such company, its contributions with millet, OPPO, vivo with annual sales of over 100 billion and other companies, have to say impressive .

After the key is to donate large sums of money, Erke will not propaganda, but was announced that tens of thousands of fans on their account, and this account is not even willing to buy an annual membership.

Erke reflected in every detail is a “poor” word, but in stark contrast to the generous contributions of its end-users are willing to self-promotion, he boarded a hot search.

It is precisely because Erke started a wave of “poor marketing,” This has been a noble bird, Huiyuan juice, honey snow Bard, Chery Automobile have joined.

In the brutal competition in business, most people will only remember the first. Only big mouth to eat meat in order to become the first, second, third follow-up can only drink a little soup, and nothing more.

Second, elegant birds name is not very good


. Many users said that seeing the name of a feeling of high-end products, a lot of people can not afford to be afraid of consumption.

Therefore, the entrepreneurial process a good name can make you save a lot of advertising. For example, millet, it is a very down to earth, not very expensive; the same fight a lot but also gives a feeling of a glance, a single fight a lot of meaning.

In addition to the name outside is not very good, a little bird and a slogan that people can not remember. The Erke To be NO.1 almost a household name.

Name plus the slogan let Erke has a very familiar feeling, and elegant birds are relatively weak point.

Third, the pricing strategy and elegant birds a little problem

. Neither elegant birds positioning high-end products are not low-end products, which is very embarrassing. Erke relatively cheaper that product among many live below the shoes are 100 yuan, 200 yuan is considered Erke expensive shoes. Many elegant birds shoes are 180 yuan, 200 yuan there are many, do not look that different from hundreds of dollars, so that people at the time of purchase will still be hesitant.

Really good marketing is only allowed to grab customers, do not allow customers want, this Erke did.

Fourth, elegant birds of products with high degree of overlap Erke

. Erke is its more famous shoes, affordable has become synonymous with. Is also embarrassing to elegant birds shoes based products, high degree of overlap of products allow users to no more energy and money to support the noble bird.

Instead, Huiyuan juice and honey snow Bard relatively easy to support, first, because the products do not coincide with the Erke, and second, because the price is low.

With honey snow Bard, for example, only four bucks for a cup of honey lemonade will be able to support snow Bard.


In any case, elegant birds also will be higher than the current daily sales levels, currently in a “soup” stage.


Thinking with media coverage of the whole network, so sales come here!

All future business competition will focus on the media dissemination. A company or a boss, if the media thinking shortages, destined to be defeated in advance.

Remember: do not spread degree, there is no recognition; no recognition, no reputation; no reputation, how can awareness!

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