24-year-old Zheng Xiujing has a fat double chin? In fact, it’s not fat, it’s just puffy! Chen Qiaoen and Chen Yihan have both stepped on this thunder…

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Zheng Xiujing’s private photo

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Zheng Xiujing

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If you search for Zheng Xiujing on the Internet, you should be surprised by her beautiful photos, and you can even see the goddess of her daily dancing show vest line. But recently what is unexpected is that in this season of sticking autumn fat, Zheng Xiujing seems to be caught off guard and fat. , netizens shouted heartache: I feel that the goddess became Guan Que Xiujing after she was fat!

Recent photo of Zheng Xiujing

Krystal’s “fat” series of photos was taken while attending a brand event, showing her wearing a blue suit with curly hairstyle, you can still see her slender chin line from a distance, but when you look closer, you can see that her face is noticeably larger, and a looming double chin appears!

Many fans said that it may be because Xiujing Oni was too tired recently and had edema, so there was a double chin. Although it is not known how Krystal was photographed like this, the truth is that the double chin is a problem that plagues many girls and even female stars.

Abominable double chin

Could it be that only Xiujing Oni has been hit alone?

Speaking of such a common problem as a double chin, it is naturally impossible to only patronize the goddess Krystal. Many goddesses idol’s appearance has been poisoned by double chins, come and see how many people have been harmed by this deadly double chin!

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“Girlfriends 2” press conference

At the beginning of the year, “Girlfriends 2” held a press conference in Beijing, and many people noticed Miss Chen Yihan, who grabbed the camera, but this time it was not because of her cute power to burst the screen, but because after a Spring Festival, Wuli Chen Dafa actually gained a double chin? You also give me small and cute Chen Dafa!

Liu Yan photo

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Liu Yan Double chin

The impression of the sexy beauty Liu Yan has always been sexy and moving, and she can kill countless otaku gods and goddesses at a casual glance. However, this time, the double chin that was inadvertently exposed was not lightly sold, and it looked like she was really a few years older than the actual one~

Chen Qiaoen

Chen Qiaoen Double chin

There is also Chen Qiaoen, a fellow countryman from Taiwan who is also known as the goddess of frozen age, but he generously shows his double chin in front of the camera, without idol baggage at all. Although the goddess Jon with a big heart often blackens herself with a double chin, I still hope that the goddess will quickly remove this double chin that affects her appearance~

How is a double chin formed?

After watching so many female celebrities who have been “harassed” by double chins and puffiness, are you sure you don’t understand the causes of double chins?

Double chins are usually the result of thicker localized fat accumulation and can make you look bulky during exercise or static. In fact, double chins are sometimes not all due to obesity, and the downward shift in the center of gravity caused by aging, that is, the lack of skin firmness, is the root cause.

Chin shaping

What are the criteria for a good-looking chin?

Speaking of which, many people may want to know what a good-looking chin looks like? Seal-kun has also found you three criteria for a good-looking chin, come and check if your chin is perfect!

1. Moderately forward, the angle is obvious.

2. There should be obvious physiological aesthetic depressions (beauty nests) between the chin and the lower lip.

3. When there is no expression, the anterior edge of the lip is located within the connection (straight line) between the tip of the nose and the front edge of the chin, and the chin and the tip of the nose are visually coordinated.

Double chin disappearance trick 1: Change your daily habits

How to eliminate double chin every day:

1. Lie on your back on the bed, support it with your shoulders, and hang your head over the edge of the bed, then slowly lift and fall, repeat 10 times.

2. Do not move the shoulders, only stretch the neck forward as far as possible, insist for 6 seconds, then slowly pull your chin down to the neck as much as possible, hold this movement for 6 seconds, relax, and repeat many times.

3. When eating, try to chew as quickly as possible so that the chin has enough exercise so that the chin can be fully exercised.

Yang Ying pointed her chin

Chin slimming:

The face shape is not good-looking, and regardless of whether the chin is long or short, as long as the dividing line between the chin and neck is not clear and the line is not clear, it will give people a clumsy and dragging feeling. Therefore, we are going to exercise the muscles around the chin.

Tips1: Press the chin up with the bottom of your palm.

Tips2 : Using the bottom of your palm, push firmly to the ears, starting at the middle of the chin, to the sides.

Tips3: Place the index fingers of both hands deep under the lips and push your thumbs firmly from the inside of the chin to the bottom of the chin.

Note: At this time, the jaw will feel a slight force pushing.

Tips4: Push the fingers of both hands together from the middle under the chin.

Image extension: Zheng Xiujing fashion magazine

Double chin disappearing trick 2: Tighten the skin

Since double chin is more due to sagging skin, it will appear. Then we want to fight it, and the first thing we need to do is naturally to tighten the skin.

Chen Yihan’s private photo

Image extended reading: Chen Yihan’s private photo

Tighten chin:

Face slimming exercise

Image extended reading: Face slimming exercise

Step 1: Simply move your chin back and forth to fully move your facial muscles before starting the face-slimming exercise

Step 2: Open your mouth into an O-shape, then close it to leave a slit, and finally close it to the front desk.

Step 3: Look up, face the ceiling, and pout to kiss.

Step 4: Stick out your tongue and touch the tip of your nose as much as you can.

Step 5: Place your hands in fists against your chin, then slightly open and close your mouth to your fists

Step 6: Turn your head left and right, open your mouth and stretch your chin forward, clearly feeling pressure on your neck.

These 6 movements, each action repeated 5-7 times, insist on 2-4 weeks to see the effect.

Double chin disappearance trick 3: contour blessing

Tightening and slimming your chin is definitely a lengthy process, but what if you need the perfect image to go out the next day in a hurry? Don’t think about the plastic surgery measures that are not necessarily safe, learn the double chin contour method, and change your double chin in a second!

Step1: Because the shape of the chin and the jaw are inseparable, first use a shadow stick to shade the jawline and use a sponge to naturally faint.

Step2: In order to make the overall finish effect after contouring natural, use a soft contour brush to dip the shadow powder and gently sweep it.

Finally, the position shown in the picture is brightened, and the double chin disappears without a trace! Today, I have taught you the three big tricks to deal with double chins. In three months, Seal-kun, I’ll see both of your jaws disappear!

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Image from social networks/personal blogs

Image from social networks/personal blogs

Image from social networks/personal blogs

Image from social networks/personal blogs

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Image from Visual China/Network

Image from Visual China/Network

Image from Visual China/Network

Chin slimming:

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