How to choose spring sandals? Thick-soled fishmouth sandals on a wedge heel for height, thinness, elegance and versatility

In the spring season, the beauty has changed a lot, fading heavy winter clothes and wearing fashionable and good-looking spring and summer clothes. The most popular clothing in spring is dresses, especially printed dresses worn on the body, which highlights the atmosphere of spring. How to choose spring shoes? Maybe everyone’s idea is different, and you can see a variety of styles and styles of shoes this season.

Some young ladies choose sandals in order to pursue fashion and good looks, how to choose sandals in spring? The main thing is to choose according to the matching of clothing. The simple style of one-line sandals is very versatile, and this sandal is especially suitable for some more formal clothing. If you want to match it with casual clothing, you can try the wedge heel platform fishmouth sandals, which have the effect of heightening and thinning, can also reflect the feminine elegance, and the versatility is also very good.

01 Features of wedge sandals

Wedge sandals are also a style of high heels, but there is a certain height under the forefoot, and the entire sole of the wedge sandals is a design that is connected as one, usually using some more soft materials, so that compared with ordinary high heels of the same height, the comfort of wedge sandals will be very high. And wedge sandals are also a very retro style shoe, in the seventies of the last century, wedge sandals were popular on the streets.

02 Features of fish mouth shoes

Fishmouth shoes are openwork at the tip of the shoe, designed to look like a fish’s mouth, just enough to show one or two toes. Fishmouth shoes were popular in the fifties of the last century, and the famous movie star Marilyn Monroe at that time wore fishmouth shoes under the skirt of her skirt. The biggest feature of fishmouth shoes is the “looming” of the toes, revealing two and hiding three, with a bit of sexiness, but also dignified and elegant, but also can add feminine charm.

03 Wedge heel platform fish mouth sandals suitable for the crowd

The wedge heel platform fishmouth sandals combine the characteristics of wedge heels and fishbill shoes, which are more suitable for girls with wide soles. Because of the wedge style fishmouth shoes, the tilt of the high heel will be concentrated on the forefoot and the fishmouth position, and the feet will be perfectly modified, giving people a particularly beautiful feeling. Coupled with the thick bottom and wedge heel design, the effect of increasing height and thinning is very obvious.

04 Street Patter’s outfit demonstration

The wedge heel platform fishmouth sandals are very versatile, pants and skirts can be freely matched, and they are especially suitable for some casual style clothing. For example, the two beauties in the photo, both chose the same style of black wedge heel platform fishmouth sandals, soft and comfortable soles, especially suitable for shopping when wearing. The beauty on the left is paired with three-point low-rise denim shorts and a black knitted camisole vest, which fully reflects the advantage of the beauty of height and leg length, which is a very confident performance.

The beauty on the right uses a blue match, a lake blue lace cropped top, with a lot of lace and mouth space design, and the beautiful and quiet lake blue gives people infinite reverie, while adjusting the mood, making people feel relaxed and comfortable. The lower body is a royal blue pleated skirt with black wedge heel platform fishmouth sandals, this blue combination highlights the noble temperament of the beauty, looks graceful, elegant and charming.

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