Dumpling’s heart treasure “Peppa Pig”

Today, we mainly come to pick up Bao Wenjing, who was complained by netizens as “giant baby mother” and her baby dumplings in “Mom is Superman 2”. In our eyes, Bao Wenjing, the “giant baby mother”, does not breastfeed, does not play, does not coax to sleep, and even eats her 2-year-old daughter’s vinegar, is this a real mother or a fake mother?

And our dumplings let our mother eat in the first episode, the strength of the mother is absolutely unambiguous, even if the mother is not reliable, the dumplings can entertain themselves and immerse themselves in the world of Page.

Wait, what is Page? “Peppa Pig”, which makes dumplings obsessed, is a “divine drama”, and is even known as a “parenting artifact”, and many parents smile like a child of more than 100 pounds after watching it.

“Peppa Pig” is also called “Peppa Pig Little Sister” is a childhood version of the hit drama, equivalent to “Three Lives and the Third” and “Glory of the Great Tang”, about a pink Peppa Pig wearing an orange skirt and her “dinosaur control” brother George, as well as the daily life of the pig mother and pig father family of four.

In fact, “Peppa Pig” is a big IP, dumpling’s vision is still sharp, premiered in the UK in 2004, quickly swept the world, and now broadcast on TV channels in more than 120 countries around the world.

Chinese mainland was introduced by CCTV in August 2015, and then landed on Youku and iQiyi, with more than 10 billion views in just one year, and on Youku alone, it has more than 6 million views per day, and the Douban score has reached 9.3 points.

In terms of painting style, many people’s comments say that “Peppa Pig” is a classic macaron color, fresh and strange, especially when it is clear that the family is side face, but the facial features are facing everyone. what?

The daily life of a piglet, what is the end

The laughter of the Peppa Pig family is very low, as long as they laugh, they will collectively fall to the ground and face the sky, and those who don’t know think that the whole family is going to touch porcelain.

In daily life, Peppa Pig, like our children, will go to kindergarten, the school will organize camping, will jump in the mud pit with mom and dad, play in the playground, will see Grandpa Pig and Grandma Pig on holidays, and have birthday parties with friends, etc., making the editor wonder, is this really something to watch?

With excitement and apprehension, I watched 30 episodes in one breath, simple life scenes, positive energy daily plots, just 5 minutes, even made me start thinking about life!

Peppa Pig’s parents may be role models for parents all over the world, so what does their family life look like?

The answer is: the mother of the “gentle card”, the father of the “confused and smart”, the power of parental love, and the childhood that “played”!

Don’t get angry, don’t yell, don’t threaten, the “gentle card” pig mother you deserve it!

Paige’s mom is definitely a role model for many of us moms to follow, she is never angry, always pleasant, not in a hurry, even if she is unhappy, it is only for a short while, and she never even speaks out loud.

The most memorable episode of Muddy Puddles, after the rain stops, Page and George go to the garden together, and their favorite thing is to jump in the mud puddles. As soon as Page jumped a few times, her mother said, “If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots.” (Rain boots are required for mud puddling).

Page happily agreed to his mother and also reminded his younger brother George, who joined later. ——Page’s mother not only does not erase the child’s interest, but also reminds the child of the precautions.

In fact, many times children will fulfill their agreements with their parents, which is also an effective way to establish rules, compared to the hard state: “Don’t play, it’s too dirty!” “, Paige’s mother is obviously smarter!

Can rules be broken? When it comes to parenting, mom pigs stick to principles (like Peppa Pig and George always go to bed at 7 p.m.), but occasionally allow babies to break the rules.

One day, Page wanted to look at the stars before going to bed, and Papa Pig remembered that Grandpa Pig had an astronomical telescope, but he was afraid that Mama Pig would object, and hesitantly said that it was too late.

As the “leader” of the family, Mother Pig said, “Maybe we shouldn’t miss such a rare opportunity.” So, together with Papa Pig, he took Paige and George to Grandpa Pig and Grandma Pig’s house to see the stars.

The narrator says that this is the first time Page and George have been out at night.

I don’t know why I always feel that this sentence sounds extra warm!

Think of the fact that we were also children, full of curiosity in the face of the novel world, and an unforgettable experience in childhood is a classic that we recall when we grow up, so as a mother, don’t hesitate to give your child an episode that breaks the rules, even if it is “unorthodox things” such as “looking at the stars”, please boldly take your children to do it!

A mother who is calm and full of unexpected surprises may be the luckiest child of every baby’s childhood.

The laughter of the whole drama is responsible, the “confused” and “smart” pig father!

Father Pig can be described as the laughing point of the whole drama, although he is an office worker, he always likes to brag that he is an expert in a certain area. As long as he showed the way, he never took the map down.

Despite this, Papa Pig has strong athletic cells, is a world record holder in mud jumping (serious face), and is proficient in long-distance running, swimming, diving, and skating. Papa Pig is also good at music, plays the accordion well, and plays drums.

Seeing this, the editor feels that bragging also has to have capital!

As a dad, Daddy Pig has a “confused” side and a “smart” side.

Father Pig is very confused, will lose his glasses, the whole family acted, and finally found that it was put under the sofa where he was sitting, Father Pig was also very smart, George’s favorite Mr. Dinosaur was lost, Father Pig first guided the children to find, discover, and after finding, he generously praised: “Nice job!” ”

Sometimes parents don’t act smarter than their children, but let them “win,” and the joy of victory is the best way to help their children build self-confidence.

When teaching Peppa Pig to skate, Page fell on the first skate, frustrated and said “I won’t skate again”, Pig Papa did not preach at this time to tell Page to be brave and the like, but used his own fall to tell Page that adults can also wrestle, wrestling is not terrible, just get back up.

The episode Peppa Pig Learning to Ride a Bicycle may evoke many adult childhood experiences. Page learned to ride a two-wheeled bicycle and knew that there was a pig daddy behind him, so he was no longer afraid, and when the pig dad let go in time, Paige found that he had learned to ride.

Although Page ends up smashing Papa Pig’s beloved pumpkin, Papa Pig says, “Paige, if you’re okay.” ”

This is very real fatherly love, with moving power in the ordinary.

Express love in a real and fun way to make your parents’ love more powerful

In “Peppa Pig”, the interaction between Pig Dad and Pig Mother shows us the importance of parental love for children.

Mother Pig’s birthday, Father Pig gave Mother Pig a day off, prepared a birthday surprise for Mother with the child, prepared breakfast again, made cakes again, tossed for a day, and finally Father Pig’s gift to Mother was a separate date for two people.

Watching mom and dad dress up for a romantic date, children will also plant a seed in their hearts, which will provide a model for their future self-built family, the core of which is the mutual respect and love of parents.

For children, the father loves the mother and will give them the greatest sense of wholeness.

The gentle pig mother not only treats the babies and Yan Yue, but also never criticizes and accuses her husband, who is a little lazy, silly, and stubborn, but always treats him with a very gentle attitude.

One weekend, Papa Pig wanted to do nothing, so he sat in the yard reading the newspaper, and Mama Pig said that the garden was “messy”, and Dad asked vigilantly: “What does this mean?” The mother pig laughed and told him it was time to mow, but the lazy pig father said he liked the primitive feeling and did not move. Mother Pig didn’t say anything, just waited quietly on the sidelines. It wasn’t until Page’s ball rolled into the grass and couldn’t be found that Papa Pig really had to cut the grass.

How many mothers can do this patience and good temper of the pig mother? It is estimated that many mothers have long roared.

On Papa Pig’s birthday, Mama Pig and the child presented Papa Pig with a pair of boots and a large homemade mud pit, and Papa Pig was as happy as a child.

Happy marriages have a “child law”:

1. Children are always children, and husbands are also children.

2) When your husband causes you dissatisfaction, read the first article again.

The wisdom played by “generational education”

Grandpa Pig also appears frequently in “Peppa Pig”, although there is no square dance, but Grandpa Pig and Grandma Pig’s amateur life is also rich, they have a large vegetable garden, grow a lot of vegetables, and raise some small animals, and even parrots, Page and George love to talk to parrots the most, and finally laugh together haha.

Grandpa Pig likes to drive boats and repair things, Page and George often go to their grandparents’ house to play, and grandparents will also design some activities for the children, such as treasure hunting.

Also, many people often mention that although Peppa Pig is four years old and has started kindergarten, there is not a single episode of “Peppa Pig” that is about learning, and the counting taught in kindergarten is only from one to ten.

Page never studied at home, either jumping in mud puddles or playing various games: “canned sardines”, “yes” or “no”, “piglet in the middle” and so on.

In fact, these games, not only look interesting, but also exercise the mind.

A child at this age should be playing middle school and should be carefree and stress-free, so now, let him play a little more, and there will be time to study later!

Life is not always perfect, and “Peppa Pig” is not “pretending” at all

Another important point that “Peppa Pig” can become a cartoon that both “adults” and “villains” love to watch, that is, it does not pretend at all, and many cartoons have the role of education, such as how to control emotions, how to unite and cooperate… Stories usually end: “I’ll never be like this again!” “But is life really like that? Isn’t that a little too boring?

In the Tidying Up episode, Mother Pig suggests cleaning up the mess together, and the suggested approach is also interesting, dividing the family into boy and girl groups to see who cleans up their things quickly, and then the home is clean and new. But this is not the end. After cleaning up, the whole family began to look for their own things again, and after a toss, what they were looking for was found, but the home returned to a messy appearance.

Isn’t the funny and funny life scene a little familiar? We just want to show cartoons like this to our children, is it that hard?

There are no bad guys, no bad boys, no words in Peppa Pig that are not suitable for children to hear, no behaviors that are not suitable for children to imitate. Someone questioned the Bicycle episode, and the director immediately added a safety helmet to each child riding a bicycle in the DVD version.

Sometimes we also think about showing children a cartoon like this, is it that difficult? However, in domestic cartoons, such as “Joy and Big Big Wolf”, “Bear Haunted”, etc., are full of all kinds of violent plots, and even imitated by children, when children are still children, maybe you need an animation like “Peppa Pig”!

Recommended English warm cartoons suitable for babies to sharpen their ears

Dora the Explorers

Suitable for babies from 2 and a half years old, each episode is 20 minutes

This American is a household name that tells the story of Dora and Boots going on an expedition, and the routine is the same in each episode. Children still like to watch Dora, but Dora has a lot of Spanish ingredients, I hope parents pay attention.

Let’s go! Diego”

Suitable for babies over 4 years old, each episode is 25 minutes

Diego is Dora’s cousin, the Diego series is a sister chapter of the adventurous Dora series, in the later Dora series, we will see a little boy from time to time, he is Dora’s cousin Diego, follow Dia to adventure!

“Mickey Wonderful House”

Suitable for babies aged 3~5 years, each episode is 30 minutes

Mickey House is Disney’s new 3D animation for preschoolers. The content is vivid and interesting, the colors are bright, the dubbing effect is strong, the character modeling is exaggerated, and the sensory stimulation of different nature and degree will have different nature and degree of sensory stimulation for the physiological and thinking development of children, which subtly affects children’s lives. It is a cartoon series that is entertaining and educational, suitable for parents and children to enjoy together.

“The Great Achievement of the Wangwang Team”

Suitable for babies over 3 years old, each episode is about 10 minutes

Tech-savvy 10-year-old boy Ryder trained six puppies into a team of highly skilled dog patrols after rescuing them. Each puppy has a distinct personality, no matter how difficult and dangerous the rescue mission is, they always forget to play with each other and create a relaxed atmosphere, and each humorous and optimistic dog can always complete the task smoothly.

“Home Alone”

Suitable for babies over 3 years old, should be accompanied by a parent to watch together

Arlo is a small member of the family of dinosaurs Confused Dragons (large but gentler herbivores) who, after an unexpected disaster, separates him from his family and wanders the world. When he was desperate, Arlo once let go of a human little boy who had a way to live appeared dotted, and the two little guys have been dependent on each other since then, which is a cartoon that will be cute just by looking at the picture~

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