Review the past, look forward to the future, the cotton era 2021 public welfare incident review

With the changes in the values ​​of mass values, more and more enterprises choose to join the social love camp, actively participate in public welfare undertakings, take the responsibility of enterprises with their own strength, and feed back this society with their own love.

The cotton era has always adhered to the initial heart of cotton, care for public welfare, and contribute to society. In the past 2021, the “social value priority to enterprise value” actively involved in public welfare undertakings, continuing the brand, has participated in the three-eighth love women’s activities, assist in the activities of poor children in Qinghai Mountains, and disaster relief Henan rainstorm activities, etc. Interpret love and care in actual actions. Next, let us review these warm people’s public welfare activities.

On March 8, 2021, on the occasion of the 111th “March 8” International Women’s Day, the cotton era jointly established the Shenzhen Women and Child Development Foundation to launch “warm towel, blunt Huahua” three eight care, fight Female in the community and in the community-dilemma sent a large number of condolence materials, including masks, sanitary napkins, cotton scarves and other female care products, as well as socks, gauze mandi, alcoholic cotton wafers, etc. When cotton, use natural cotton material, gentle skin touch, send warm heart holiday greetings and good blessings, passing brand temperature and mind, and pay tribute to every busy female worker.

In June last year, the cotton era actively participated in the public welfare activities, donated cotton knit set, classic cotton sick, cotton wipes and other cotton products to the poor students deep in Qinghai Dashan, and introduced this event according to the organizer. The donated materials will be sent to the Guilo Prefecture Education Bureau, Gu Luozhou Mado County Education Bureau, Qinghai Provincial Special School and other 9 educational units, providing more than one thousand students. Liu Hua, Vice President, Vice President, also stated that the total cotton era hopes to have the “China Textile” “Friends Circle”, and more enterprises, industry experts, public welfare organizations, media, and public, Help the poor students who need help with practical action, build a green Great Wall for the healthy growth of your child.

In addition to the love of women and children, the social responsibility of the cotton era is also “online” in the critical moment, just in mid-July last year, in the face of the rainstorm flood in Henan, the torrential rain, the cotton era rapid response, and Shenzhen Women’s Federation, Shenzhen Women’s Foundation donated cotton sloth, sanitary napkins, cotton wipes, cottonia, etc.


Looking back in 2021, the cotton era actively participated in public welfare, even if it had been recognized by most people, it still “parties”, which is not concerned about the society of society. The cotton era has gradually harvested the public to recognize the public, helping companies have an attitude, and there is also a warm heart image! In the future, the cotton era will continue to use cotton gentle and comfortable power, protect consumers, happy, sustainable life, bring higher quality life experience! (Promotion)


(Source: Consumer Daily Network)

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