Choosing a good pair of men’s underwear depends on these three points

The most important thing for a good pair of men’s underwear is to be comfortable and feel good. Many boys don’t know how to choose, buy one at random and go home, and as a result, they are not used to wearing old underwear. So how can you buy good panties? The key is to look at these three points!


# Style #

There are mainly boxers, briefs and thongs, from the consideration of male physiological structure,

It is also recommended to choose boxers

。 Compared to briefs, boxers are looser, cover a wider area, and reduce friction on the base of the thighs. The thongs are under the premise of briefs, which add some fun and are not recommended to wear daily.


# Workmanship #

Boxers have high requirements for heat dissipation, water absorption and breathability, so they are in the fabric

A higher proportion of cotton or modal is required

; Briefs and thong have the highest requirements for breathability and touch, and lower requirements for elasticity, so cotton is the first choice. In addition, one-piece design, four-stitch and six-thread sewing techniques can improve the wearing comfort of underwear.


# Color #

Preference is given to underwear with light color and few patterns

, try to avoid buying dark panties, because the darker the color, the more dyes used, the more chemicals it contains, which are harmful to the genitals. In addition, light-colored underwear is conducive to self-examination of secretions for abnormalities.

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