Too much clutter in your home? Why not try the cave board, which is versatile and practical

Home life, in addition to all kinds of furniture and appliances, there are many small and large living items, and they must be arranged one by one, so storage has always been a headache. In fact, when it comes to storage, most of our cognition still stays at the level of hiding items, although this is also one of the skills of storage, but not all, on the contrary, “dew” is also a very important part of storage.

The neatly arranged and tiled items using storage tools are not only easy to access, but also visually clean, so the advantages of the hole board compared to the traditional storage box are revealed. The seemingly bland design can play an excellent storage effect, and it is not limited by space, suitable for multiple areas, and it is also more convenient for people who are afraid of trouble and are not good at various storage skills.

1. Workbench storage

Nowadays, more and more people are working from home, so it is necessary to create an additional special workbench, if the area of the desktop itself is not enough, you can use the hole board to store the bits and pieces of stationery and office supplies, and save more table space by using vertical space.

The hole board can be used to accommodate a variety of bits and pieces by connecting various small storage boxes and flat shelves, and if it is a large workbench, the hole board can also be placed in the side space to increase the storage space.

If you don’t want to damage the wall, we can also directly put the hole board on the table, lean against the wall and use it, and all kinds of famous films can be placed on it.

Although the hole board is only a flat surface, in fact, we can fully combine various shelves, storage boxes and other parts to use together, so that we can accommodate more kinds of items, and it is very convenient to take it directly when using it.

2. Tool storage

Tools such as hammers and pliers in the home can be stored in holes, and they are arranged on them one by one, which is not only convenient to use, but also looks very neat, compared to storing all the items, this storage method can actually create a strong living atmosphere.

3. Storage of kitchen supplies

The kitchen is one of the most used areas of the day, just to say that there are a lot of pots and spoons and kitchenware, plus the size of the kitchenware is different and the frequency of use is not the same, it is very difficult to store well. However, if it is stored according to the usage rate, it is completely possible to place the most commonly used kitchenware on the hole board like this, while still ensuring good ventilation.

In addition to kitchenware, seasonings, dry food and other commonly used ingredients can also be stored in this way, they and the hole plate are placed on the side or above the operating table, and then used transparent utensils to bloom, greatly improving the effect of cooking, such as according to the flow and living habits of storage, more can enhance the happiness of daily life, reduce unnecessary waste of time and energy.

Hole boards can not only use round holes to hang storage items, but also create a variety of long or short, or open or closed storage small spaces, so as to cater to the placement of various glass cups and bottles, after all, for good-looking cups, it is also important to show their beauty.

4. Toilet storage

The items in the bathroom are mainly personal cleaning products such as shampoo and hair dryers, which are generally placed directly in the sink, or are stuffed in the bathroom cabinet, but often inconvenient to find when using, and it is easy to mess up the cabinet, then at this time you can also use the hole board for storage, only in the sink to place a very small number of the most commonly used things to ensure cleanliness.

Many large apartments will have an extra utility room, basically used to hold a variety of plot supplies, and this kind of items are actually not suitable for exposure, so although the space of the utility room is relatively small, it can also be stuffed according to the situation, laundry detergent, iron and other things that will be used in cleaning and care can be stored here for easy access.

5. Cloakroom storage

Shoes, bags, accessories, if all rely on cabinets and open coat racks may be a bit difficult, then the area behind the door is also a good place to stay, fixed three hole boards, can be used specifically to place the most often worn clothing in recent times, the efficiency of early risers will be greatly increased.

6. Entrance storage

If the entrance itself already has a shelf, then you may wish to combine a hole board underneath to add more space for storing items, and you can even place items at will, such as pet snacks and toys, etc., gathered together, without worrying about making a mess.

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